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  1. A few pics of where we stand now. Planes are painted and assembled, decals pending. Put a few SBDs on the hangar deck just for some busyness down there, even though everybody should be switched to SB2Cs by late 44. Finally affixing the hull to the sea base. Filling in the gaps with tissue paper and gloss medium, and forming wake, bow waves etc. Will have a final painting later. Still have a lot of tedium remaining, between decaling the planes, assembling another 35 or so Oerlikons, and somehow dealing with these miniscule 1/700 figures. And then, of course, the special effects. If I'm not craz
  2. Busy day today! Got the island completed and painted up, proved concept with my wiring, got the measure 32 camo on, than mocking up my explosion effect, and got first painting done on the flight deck.
  3. This is a really fun kit. I built mine wheels up, too. It's a shame they dont make it easier to do. Very nice work on your color gradation!
  4. Slow going with photo etch in this scale! The difference between this photo and the previous is about 2 hours worth of work,but it's starting to come together.
  5. Lots of firsts with this project - first aircraft carrier, first 1/700, first wiring and first modeled explosion! The Essex CV-9 was in the Philippine Sea supporting the landings on Leyte and Luzon when she was struck by a kamikaze on November 25, 1944. It was far from the most destructive kamikaze attack, but is one of the best documented, including live video. She was struck just forward of elevator 2, causing a massive explosion. Fortunately, it was well forward of the planes spotted on deck to be launched, and few aircraft were lost. The fire was controlled easily
  6. Emperor is a great recent one, about the investigation into Hirohito immediately after the end of the war, deciding whether they should try him for war crimes or allow him to stay on the throne
  7. All of the above, plus Twelve O'clock High U-571
  8. Tamiya Mossie was brilliant
  9. For airplane scale, I think the foil technique looks amazing. Check out scale-a-ton on YouTube for some very good tutorials. I think the waves can look a little over scale for ship scales, especially 1/700.
  10. Tamiya P-47, bubbletop or razorback, Eduard Spit MkVIII, heard great things about Eduard P-51 but haven't built one
  11. Quick and simple build after my tank dio. Straight out of the box, kit decals, MRP paints. "Black 8" from JG27 in Libya, 1943. Thanks for looking
  12. I actually won one of these in a contest sponsored by spraygunner.com. It's pretty cool, except since it's a generic knockoff airbrush, it's hard to find parts for. And since I knocked it off my desk and bent the needle badly, I haven't used it since. I liked it a lot while I had it though
  13. Civilian: Concorde Military: B-57 Hustler
  14. Just FYI. I emailed him yesterday to see if he was still sending out leftover stock or what. He is completely closed down and no longer filling orders. I guess you can get the glue from any retailers who have remaining stock, but the masks that he also sold on his website are no more.
  15. On the "Make the others jealous" thread, I always see a lot of 1/48 planes and tanks. But the "non-LSP" build section always seems pretty slow. So, where else do people post? Do you do build threads or RFIs on your tanks and smaller than lsp planes? I, for one, frequent Britmodeler, and also post on r/modelmakers, and occasionally on Instagram.
  16. I want to build Robin Olds's Scat XXVII, and would prefer the ZM kit to Academy, but can't find it anywhere, not even on eBay. Does anyone know where I can find one, or have one to sell or trade? Any ideas if they're planning to reissue them? Alternatively, what would I have to do to build a -J kit into a -C model? Thanks
  17. Agree with Ian Toll's trilogy, very comprehensive for the US Naval war. Also loved Carrier Pilot and Never Call Me a Hero as recommended above
  18. Here is a photo of mine. Plans posted above
  19. I made one a couple of years ago based on these plans: https://vent-works.com/blogs/the-ventilation-blog/15945741-diy-hobby-spray-booth It's been great. Big enough for a 1/32 Mosquito (just) but if I were to do any large scale bombers I'd probably have to do them in parts. For the stuff I do (1/32 WW2 fighters, 1/35 tanks, 1/700 ships, 1/48 jets) it's plenty big. Recently upgraded the lighting and built a flange to run my exhaust out my window, and I love it. I'll post some pics this evening.
  20. Since this seems to be a contest for second place behind the Spitfire, I'll through down another vote for the Folgore
  21. Only because I just moved into this space. Give it a month...
  22. The L-shaped drawers and the tool organizer both come from Laser Model Graver, a Ukrainian company. Stuff is made from nice quality laser cut plywood. Fit and finish is good. Not as many options as Hobby Zone, and don't have the neat magnet attachments between modules, but much much cheaper. I also ordered an assembly jig from them that I've yet to assemble. The rack the I've got my Vallejo paints in in the top corner is also from them.
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