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  1. Thanks, all. This is going to be a big ass plane in 1/48, so I can't imagine doing it in 1/32
  2. Final pics of the crew area before I put the fuselage halves together.
  3. Some quarantine work today! Detail painting using Mission Models and Vallejo paints. MM paints, by the way, brush paint very well and are the perfect consistency right out of the bottle, although I do thin them when painting very tiny details. Finished up the kit supplied PE harnesses, glossed with MRP, and applied kit placard decals and IP decals. Also added a few Airscale placard decals to busy things up a little more. Got a wash on after these pics, then will do a little chipping with a sponge. I've seen the radar operators compartment in green and yellow. I decided to go with yellow for further visual interest, since there were no good references I could find to confirm the right color.
  4. It's a kit to look forward to, for sure. Very nicely thought out, and big enough in this scale to really have some presence, too!
  5. I got a little way into the project, however, before I decided to start taking pics and doing a WIP thread. I have done some scratch detailing in the cockpit area and gotten down primer and first coat of interior green. The kit is very nicely molded and designed, but does not have the intricate puzzle like engineering of the best Tamiya kits. I'm already seeing that the way the cockpit floors and bulkheads fit into the fuselage halves is going to take a little finagling. However, there is some nice photoetch included with the kit, along with individual instrument dial and placard decals, which combine to make a very nice looking interior. Starting with the starboard sidewall, lots of nicely molded detail, to which I've added some additional wiring looms and replaced the oxygen hoses with guitar string Added some scratch built oxygen system for the radar operator Port sidewall. The levers are from the included PE. The radar operators station is nicely detailed out of the box, but I again tarted it up with some extra wiring and added some photo etch bits since I ended up deciding to use the very nicely detailed plastic IP More building and detail painting and weathering to do before I start putting this into the fuselage, but a nice start
  6. Got this kit for Father's Day last year, and it's been sitting in the stash ever since. I was inspired to model this plane, as I'm sure many people have been, by Shep Paine's maintenance diorama from the old Revell kit. However, this idea is definitely one of the more common diorama layouts I've seen online, and has already been done brilliantly by many others Also, I have very recently completed my own ground maintenance diorama - though not nearly as involved as Shep's or those he inspired - and I wanted to try something else. So, inspired by this little guy from Reedoak I'm planning to model a scene like this one:
  7. Thanks very much! I was really happy with how the water came out, and enjoyed the process of making it. I can see how people can get way into the weeds with teeny tiny PE and 1/350 (or God forbid 1/700!) scale figures. I'll probably do another ship at some point, but getting back into my stash of planes next.
  8. This is my first ever ship model. I passed on the added challenge of PE details and rigging, but decided to try my hand at a water base. I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out.
  9. Pilot figures really look great in there. This is going to look amazing when finished. Almost there!
  10. Nice stash there! How's that 1/72 B25? Anyone done it?
  11. This is just an incredible project! Honestly when you said in the first post it might take years, I was disappointed that this would be one of those threads that has 10 pages of posts about planning, but never gets to the build. Instead, you've dived right into this very intense project and are already more than halfway done! Your work is great, the subject is fascinating, and the frequent updates and pics are appreciated. Can I ask what figures you're using for the bomber crew?
  12. Very nice work! Are these decals from the box or after market?
  13. Very cool. I was not aware of this guy before, but look like some very good figures and equipment for modern era dioramas
  14. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
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