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  1. I must say I disagree. While these machines were awesome deliverers of death and destruction, I think there's something very nice about their being repurposed to the aesthetic, mechanical, and love of aviation purity of peacetime air racing. Just magnificent machines!
  2. I have about a dozen bottles of MRP and I love it. It is without doubt the easiest paint I've used. My second place, which I haven't seen mentioned in this thread, is Mission Models. It also sprays beautifully, but requires a little more effort, since you have to thin it with their thinner (I also use their poly additive and have had excellent results with this system). I just bought some more Mission for my 1/32 Tamiya Corsair, because although I love MRP, I hate the way it stinks up the whole garage for hours afterwards. I use a spray booth and always wear a mask while spraying, but the MRP has a very strong lacquer stink to it, which limits its usefulness to me, unfortunately. The other nice thing about mission is that you can brush paint with it.
  3. Thanks. I wanted to try working on my freehand camo skills. The line is a little soft for this scale, but I'm content with it. Cheers, Gary
  4. A few WIP and finished pics of a quick project I did between LSPs. Really nice kit - easy, fun, and looks nice in the end. buy
  5. I've really liked using Alclad Aqua Gloss. I had a real problem with MRP super gloss clear the last time I used it, for some reason - maybe it was an airbrush problem. But the Alclad has never failed me.
  6. I'd like to give foil a try for a NMF plane. I know that there can be some challenges to the technique, and that, eg compound curves can be difficult to come out right. Is there a specific plane that anyone who has experience with this technique would recommend to try? That is, one whose general shape would not make it exceptionally difficult to try for a first time foiler? I guess another useful answer would be, is there any kit I should avoid trying the technique for the first time?
  7. Thanks, Brian! The gloss that spilled did level out pretty well by itself and doesn't look too bad. I took a cloth polishing pad on my Dremel to it, and that seemed to smooth out the bad spots pretty well. It is, as they say, good enough for government work, and I'm calling it done! I'll try to take some better pictures for a RFI post later.
  8. So, last year when I was on this project, it was coming into summer time, when I generally spend less time on modelling and more time on other things. When I did get to the bench, I was just sort of uninspired by this project as it was sitting. So I put it back in the box and went to my WNW Albatros. That ended up being a very frustrating project, due to my own lack of skill more than anything else. It is currently on hold very near to the finish line. Also in between all of this, we decided to move last fall, and then moved across the country this spring, so needless to say, I've been a little short on free time for the past six months or so. Once I got my work area set up at the new house, I decided to finish this up (well, again, I started with finishing up the Albatros, but I'll update that thread separately). Wings on. As has been mentioned in other builds of this kit, the wing to fuselage installation is suboptimal. There is a small tab that doesn't really support the wing well or hold the dihedral properly. It is also not sized exactly right. After struggling with it for a bit, I decided to cut the tab off and attached the wings with superglue. This did leave a bit of a gap which came up later... I tinted some of my usual Stynelrez primer red to warm up the yellow color. It takes a lot of patience to get yellow built up. There's a run on the starboard wing where I wasn't quite patient enough. Tail empenage was painted with Testor's square bottle gloss green enamel, which I thought came out well. I decided to cover the wing root gap with Squadron white putty, which I'd never used before. Unfortunately, I thought it was a water soluble putty, so I slopped it on in the hopes of wiping it down with a wet cloth. Once I smelled it though, I knew that it wasn't, and in fact is really hot. This made a really sloppy joint that I was never able to clean up to my satisfaction in spite of a lot of time sanding and wiping down with lacquer thinner. Wet sanded this spot and went back over with yellow Some detailing work on the undercarriage. I buffed out the seam line on the vinyl tires, and I feel like it turned out quite well. The buffing actually has the effect of weathering the tire as well. The oleo strut I hit with Molotov liquid chrome pen, which is new to me and I love for this application. Not sure what's up with the white balance in this photo. Final coat of yellow wings and green tail, before masking. Masking on and Mission Models gloss black applied. I really liked this as a basecoat for metal. First coat of MRP super silver. This plane was painted aluminum lacquer, so I'm looking for a painted silver effect more than a NMF, and I think it looks well. Masking off. I had a couple of tiny areas to touch up. Decals on this kit were really a dream. Strong enough to futz around with, as was necessary for the stripes, but really melted right into the panel lines and surface details, even without MicroSol, although it was better with an application. Something really off about the texture of the finish before the decals went on. It seemed fine to touch and to appearance, but once the decals were on I could see these minor surface imperfections, which really showed up under the decals. Sadly, as I was trying to put another gloss coat over it this morning to smooth things out, I spilled the bottle of Alclad Aqua Gloss onto the model. I dabbed off the huge puddles of it and tried to put another smooth coat over. We'll see how it turns out. Finished except a little weathering. There will be very little on this plane.
  9. My favorite podcast! I just finished it a couple of months ago after listening to it on my short commute to and from work for about six months. His Revolutions podcast is very good, too. I've only gotten through the French revolution.
  10. Thanks for the picture. Like the others I've seen in my research, it's hard for me to tell between a "Grumman grey" primer color and the metallic of the silver lacquer paint elsewhere on the plane. I'll go with the instructions here and stick with grey
  11. Here is the result of the last few weeks worth of intermittent, fits and starts progress. Modelling season is slowly giving way to grilling and gardening season. Firewall and engine mount. This is my first Trumpeter kit - I see why they have a reputation for engineering details that can't possibly be displayed. I decided not to wire this engine, but just to let the very nice kit part speak for itself. Cockpit and gear bay/engine bearers installed and fuselage halves together, and seam work completed (I think). Rescribing and reriveting completed where necessary. With the engine dryfitted and clear cowling applied, just to see how it looks. Cockpit details are absolutely buried in this deep,round-sided fuselage. Next work will be on the wings and tailplanes. After getting a taste of Trumpeter's fidgety rod and tab adjustable control surfaces with the rudder, I'm not looking forward to doing 4 more of those types of assemblies. Also, any advice on undercarriage color for a yellow winged wildcat? Instructions call for grey, but I don't know if thats accurate.
  12. Yeah it definitely would be small for a diorama, but just as a display base for something smaller like a Hellcat or Corsair, it's a good option. Maybe small for an Avenger
  13. A Polish company called Eureka makes a resin WW2 USN carrier deck section, complete with wooden frame and wire for arrestor cable. Here it is for sale https://www.super-hobby.com/products/WWII-USN-Aircraft-Carrier-Deck-1-32.html
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