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  1. Thanks all for words of praise! It is now officially an award winning model, as I have been awarded "Most Creative" in a Mission Models/Spray gunner hosted Facebook contest! My first time entering anything for competition.
  2. Great! Is it posted on here? I love in flight displays
  3. Thanks! I agree the head on shot is my favorite in terms of capturing the intended effect.
  4. I started a WIP thread on this one, but ran out of initiative to keep up with posting photos. First a couple shots of the finished kit. Mission Models paint and kit decals for VF-84 CAG. Modified to be displayed in flight. Then the magic part: chicken wire and cotton wool to build a vapor cone as the ship transits the sound barrier. It doesn't look exactly like the reference photos, but I'm really pleased with how it came out! Comments and criticisms welcome. Thanks for looking!
  5. The PSP base finally showed up today from BNA, so I put the finishing touches on this one. Base is very simple. Sprayed it with an exhaust manifold color, then some MRP clear red brown, which gave a very nice rust effect. Lots of airfield dust pigment and some dark panel loner completed it. Here's the scene from its intended viewing angle Close up on the figures. These are not my best efforts at figure painting, but they were poor figures. Honestly I think the biggest difference in outcomes is staring with a crisply molded figure. This was my first time doing the wet pallette technique as shown in a lot of Mig and Vallejo videos on YouTube, which I did for the clothes, although I still used oils for the skin. I liked the results though, and may try acrylics all the way for my next figure Some oil staining under the engines And then I cleaned my bench and prepared for my next project!
  6. What a cool thread idea! I love detailing and painting cockpits, too! Usually my favorite part of a build, regardless of whether or not it will end up being very visible. I can't match up to some of the stellar work here, but here are a few I was happy with: Trumpeter F4F-3 Tamiya Spitfire MkVIII Tamiya Mossie (man what a fun kit this was!) Revell Mustang
  7. Alright, I'm calling primary construction finished! I've saved the fiddly bits (antennas, clear parts, open hatches and crew ladder) for the very end, while I tend to the rest of the diorama elements. A tip: if you are planning to do this kit, get an after market decal set that includes insignia, or mask them. The decals that come with the kit suck! This is after multiple layers of first Micro Sol, then Mr Mark Softer after the Micro Sol didn't seem strong enough. I put two thick coats of clear over it, and sanded down the edges with 2000 grit sanding sponge. Took the thickness down nicely. Went through the clear to the decal in a couple of spots, but I felt that added to the worn effect. A few overall pictures. After fixing the decals, another coat of clear, then a light grey pinwash. I worked that out pretty thoroughly so that it wasn't in every single panel line, but just a random effect. After that some additional post-shading and filtering with oil paints, then a final coat of MRP semigloss. The nose art from this KitsWorld decals are very thin, but thankfully not too delicate. They do tend to roll up at the edges though, so they take quite some work to get right. This is actually my second choice nose art after the first one got ruined. Another tip - do the nose art before the tail numbers, so if you mess one up, you can have the correct tail number to go with the nose art (if you're concerned about that) Quickboost gun barrels. The kit barrels don't have the appropriate flash suppressors. It's worth putting the extra work into interior detail on this kit - it's quite visible through all the glass, especially if you pose any of the hatches open. In addition to getting heavily chipped from the crushed coral airstrips, these planes also had very extensive exhaust staining that was very evident on the black surface. I always use Mission Models light neutral tan as my exhaust color for allied aircraft. I thin it 2:1 and spray it on in light strokes. Then I go back over it with pastels to add a little more soot deposit close to the exhaust stubs. Finally a little fuel staining. Now on to the rest of the display. I've got a couple of these guys. This mechanic looks like Michael Meyers... And this ancient Bandai jeep kit, which has a couple figures as well. They're decently molded although they have a lot of flash, and their uniforms will need some customizing if I end up using them. Once I get the PSP base on the slow boat from Australia, I'll be able to start mocking things up, but for now I'll work on assembling the jeep and painting the figs.
  8. I decided to try painting the wing walk lines. I'm really pleased with how they came out - and so much better than decals, especially when the lines are as prominent as these! Obviously I didn't mask wide enough so I got a little over spray. Fortunately I had sprayed this like fifteen minutes earlier so it was easy to wipe off with some water. Some went through to additional chipping, some I was able to keep just to the black Then two coats of MRP gloss has it ready for decals. Some mild chipping on the spinners.
  9. Check out reedoak. They have some very nice 3D printed figures with excellent detail. They're a little spendy (about €12 per figure) but I know they have some modern air and ground crew figures. Edit : here's the link - French, Russian, or American are your options for modern http://reedoak.com/#!/1-32/c/14705008/offset=0&sort=normal
  10. After a layer of Vallejo chipping fluid, I started getting the color down. For my base shade I mixed black and tire black 2:1. These are all Mission Models colors throughout. Their tire black is a little less black than Tamiya's rubber black, and more of a sooty brownish dark gray. After this, I added the dark ghost Grey to the base shade, about 1:1, and sprayed this through some pulled apart 0000 steel wool. I've seen this method described with a scotch Brite pad, but I didn't have one so tried the steel wool. I then lightened it up a second time a sprayed a couple patches very sparingly. Then blended it all back in with a very thin base coat. Hard to see the variations in the photo but it's just as I wanted it to look. Finally, some chipping with water and a stiff bristled brush. I left it for now. I might do some more chipping. But once I'm finished with that I'll gloss coat everything in preparation for decals.
  11. Got all my seam work done. Now a nice smooth layer of Stynylrez black before Vallejo metal color aluminum. This will be the base for chipping.
  12. So as the title says, this is not my work, but I just had to share this video. This is the most meticulous, cleanest, and most detailed car build I've ever seen. This hour long video is his highly edited version. There is also a fifteen part series showing things like how he fabricated the hinges for the doors and engine compartment. Anyway, since most of us have time on our hands, thought this would be enjoyable to share
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