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  1. I was surprised how well taken care of the seams were by the time I got my primer coat on. Only a very little remedial sanding was necessary to remove some excess filler. I have always used Badger Stynylrez for my primer. It sprays ok straight out of the bottle, but I have had much more success recently by adding some Vallejo airbrush flow improver and a couple drops of Mission Models thinner. It levels very well sprayed on thick, but it is just perfect if you thin it a little bit. So after a nice smooth coat of black primer, on with the medium sea grey marble coat. Applied with my new toy! Love the H&S, and love the Grex MAC valve. It's really nice not having to get under the table and mess with the pressure at the compressor. Also really nice is that you can vary the pressure at the trigger with the H&S. I would not say I can do it in any sort of reproducible way, and the MAC valve is still my primary way of adjusting air pressure, but you can get some variation. I think I ended up over blending. I applied my first blend coat, then did some post-shading, then another blend coat. Since MRP goes on so thin anyway, I didn't thin it, and it washed out all my detail. It looks better than the picture shows, which I tried to capture with the second photo, but still not exactly how I would have wanted it. For the camo, I'm going to thin my blend coats and see how that goes.
  2. Finally made some further progress. Two points for future modellers of this kit: 1) if you are adding sparkplug wires, be very careful How far out they stick common because they will interfere with Cowling frame and exhaust brackets, which go on last. These parts not fitting well will prevent the cowlings from going on well. 2) Edward pe Anti friction strips on the cowling frames add enough to the thickness to complicate to fit. This combined with one above to cause problems for me how much is shown below. Since I am planning to model this with the cowlings off permanently and the cowling set to the side and a maintenance display, I believe I can get away with painting them separately and will probably do this instead of futzing with it any longer. Next from here is masking the canopy and applying it. Then a coat of primer over everything and fixing surface imperfections and seam lines once again before we get the final primer coat and get into the painting!
  3. Love Dan Carlin! This was one of his best, imo. Also, one of his primary references for that series, GJ Meyers's A World Undone, is an excellent overview history of the war.
  4. Very nice work on the engine painting and wiring there
  5. Back from a short vacation and got around to a little work tonight. Busied up the firewall with some plumbing and wires, some from reference photos, others just "plausible", detail painting, and a wash. Then a little detail painting and a couple of different color washes on the engine. The washes don't show very well in the photos, but they have done a nice job of weathering up the monotone black finish on the Merlin, making it look in use and oily. Engine, engine bearers, and firewall will probably get a very light treatment with pigments as well.
  6. I read in a book once a quote attributed to St Exupery: "fighters don't fight - they murder"
  7. Jennings it sounds like your mom and her family are having the experience we all wish to have when we go. I'm glad they've done a great job with her comfort and she's been able to be surrounded by loved ones. I know you'll remember these last days with her always.
  8. Wow that's great news Jennings. I agree that's a very impressive recovery. Your mom sounds like a great lady and I hope she makes it out of the hospital. Glad you got to be there with her
  9. Really great look. Aggressor schemes add so much visual interest to modern jets instead of lo viz grey
  10. Amazingly well done hand painting!
  11. Wow that's great work. Very clean painting. Are the ignition wires kit parts?
  12. Small update - first coat of paint on the engine. Light coat of grey stynylrez, followed by two light coats of MRP AMT-6 black. It's a nice "off-black" like NATO black, and like all MRP colors dries to a nice satin finish. Next is getting some color on the firewall and engine bearers, then detail painting. Tamiya has the oil and radiator pipes in interior green, but I'm planning to do them in copper. Theres only so much monochrome one can do before making an aesthetic consideration
  13. Nice work. Very sharp lines
  14. Masked or freehanded camo?
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