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  1. My favorite podcast! I just finished it a couple of months ago after listening to it on my short commute to and from work for about six months. His Revolutions podcast is very good, too. I've only gotten through the French revolution.
  2. Thanks for the picture. Like the others I've seen in my research, it's hard for me to tell between a "Grumman grey" primer color and the metallic of the silver lacquer paint elsewhere on the plane. I'll go with the instructions here and stick with grey
  3. Here is the result of the last few weeks worth of intermittent, fits and starts progress. Modelling season is slowly giving way to grilling and gardening season. Firewall and engine mount. This is my first Trumpeter kit - I see why they have a reputation for engineering details that can't possibly be displayed. I decided not to wire this engine, but just to let the very nice kit part speak for itself. Cockpit and gear bay/engine bearers installed and fuselage halves together, and seam work completed (I think). Rescribing and reriveting completed where necessary. With the engine dryfitted and clear cowling applied, just to see how it looks. Cockpit details are absolutely buried in this deep,round-sided fuselage. Next work will be on the wings and tailplanes. After getting a taste of Trumpeter's fidgety rod and tab adjustable control surfaces with the rudder, I'm not looking forward to doing 4 more of those types of assemblies. Also, any advice on undercarriage color for a yellow winged wildcat? Instructions call for grey, but I don't know if thats accurate.
  4. Yeah it definitely would be small for a diorama, but just as a display base for something smaller like a Hellcat or Corsair, it's a good option. Maybe small for an Avenger
  5. A Polish company called Eureka makes a resin WW2 USN carrier deck section, complete with wooden frame and wire for arrestor cable. Here it is for sale https://www.super-hobby.com/products/WWII-USN-Aircraft-Carrier-Deck-1-32.html
  6. As an alternate, consider Vallejo metal color - very nice acrylic metallics that are available in the usual range of colors, go on well, stand up to tape well, and take enamel-based washes well.
  7. Very nice work on the figure! How do you like the Trumpy kit overall so far?
  8. This is exciting! I would definitely be in the market for one as well
  9. I agree, Troy, the string looks terrible! I couldn't find any of the fishing line I have in my miscellaneous drawer, so used some silk thread I had, because I was desperate to get it put away and clean off the workbench. I will replace it with something better eventually
  10. Thank you. Starting to work on the engine a little bit today. Will post some pics once I have paint on
  11. Great start Gary! I have a wnw albatros in my stash so I'll be watching your build for inspiration. What was your experimental wood grain technique, if I may ask?
  12. Sorry for your troubles but congratulations on your new airbrush!
  13. Great work Carl. Can't believe you're doing two of these beasts at once!
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