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A newbie's attempt at the Tamiya F4U-1A


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Hi, guys.  I've posted a few times here, but never shared any LSP works.  Truth is, I've been kinda disappointed in my efforts with them and haven't had anything I really felt like sharing.  In just the last year, I've made the jump into 1/32 A/C from the realm of strictly 1/35 armor.  I feel like a lot of the processes used to paint and weather armor just don't seem to work all that well with LSPs.  


Anyway, I went for a fairly clean attempt at the Corsair on this.  I ran into some problems with the decals silvering really badly due to a poor clear gloss that I laid down.  So, after sanding them off to remove them, then affixing all the rest, I was kind of ready to complete this one and get it off the bench.  So, not a whole lot of weathering happened beyond some basic silver pencil chipping, exhaust and gun smoke staining, and a wash.  That's also why it's kind of a conglomeration of two different decal schemes.  All that said, it's no match for some of the stuff I see posted here, but any C&C is welcome.  be gentle!















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Looks great!   Not every aircraft had a lot of paint coming off'n it.   Remember...  everybody in the military has a responsibility to keep gear in good shape.  Failure to do so can result in failure to get promoted.

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