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Revell 1/32 F-14A Tomcat VF-21

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I always have a hard time focusing on one build at a time, so I'll enter this one as well in addition to the Mustang. Another great oldie in the form of Revell's F-14 Tomcat. I have the Wolfpack speedbrake and refueling probe, Phoenix pitot/AOA probes, Teknics cockpit, Black Box cockpit, Quickboost seats, Eduard etch, HAD etch, Zacto AIM-9's, Brassin AIM-7's, and hopefully Eli's new Tomcat decals to do an early VF-21 bird. This will be done in-flight, with a neat idea for a stand that I'll reveal a bit later.



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fantastic - doing the same but later boxing.


That pic sure brings back the memories though - seeing that kit brand new on the shelf of my local hobby shop - think I was maybe 12 or thereabouts. I just had to have it - eventually it was obtained and slapped together in a frenzy. Pretty sure I painted it with those old Floquil railroad spray cans - the topside in dead flat concrete gray, the undersides in about 20 coats of reefer white. You probably could get high off the fumes of the painted model a year after the build....


Good times :)

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I've made some minor progress on this one also. After test fitting some of the resin cockpit bits from both the Teknics and BB sets, I've decided to only use a couple pieces. I don't feel like fighting with alot of resin on this build.


Considering I'm doing this in flight, I ended up deciding to use a Tamiya cockpit tub and panels improved with Eduards etch set. The fit is actually not bad...







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