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PBY-5A Catalina (Cutaway)

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After 5-6 layers of Pledge/Future to close the salt weathered surface it was time to 'Christen' the Cat as  #20 BuNo 07277.

I haven't been searching for decals to fit the 1/32 Cat, so I do not know if any are available?


I printed a black and white drawing prepared in Photoshop for the few markings I needed and cut them from masking film.




Next up the in the weathering treatment, if you want some really dirty/messy result dark dirt from Flory Models is very 'effective' and easy to work with.




One of the reasons why I chose to replicate the real '20' is the apparent 'very' dirty and weathered look of the plane.




 The weathering of the USCG Cat was a real challenge, one I could not resist ;-)




This is as far as the work is right now.




One could argue it's a bit too much, I don't know? I'm quite pleased with the result. It's the dirty worn look I was looking for...


Regards: Kent


One will argue nothing. it is a great rendition of this wonderful kit. The build quality and attention to detail you have imparted so far is incredible. there are so few build threads of this kit being built, it is an inspiration to all. 

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you can see the black walkway on the top of the wing? On the top trialing edge of the wing is where the antenna wires end!!!!! You can barley see the wire spacer/ spreader in the photo. The photo below, You can see the wires and Spreader just over the shirtless Mechanic. They do not go under the wing, but go over and stop six inches in. Detail and Scale  Vol 66 back cover show the bottom of the wing. I can see the wires go over and see part of the wire terminal connection.





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the last three photos are the same Civil PBY-5A But they have the same antenna location and placement



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