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  1. I morning I put the decor on the left side and finished the band of d day I will be able to skate this side also now the propeller is painted and will require wear work too
  2. here is the continuation with the beginning of the dirtyness and wear on the right side the tail is not treated for the moment
  3. yes, these are the decals of the kit after mr soffter pass and then warm to the dry hair of my wife (it's our secret she do not know)
  4. thank you everyone I attack the effects on the right wing finally i will use the decals it react well to the softener we start to see the difference with the left that has not been worked
  5. thank you I first made perfect bends with tape tamiya in a second time I resumed delimitation with a very fine pinch the work is not finished yet
  6. that's what it gives for now I put the decals (which I would later remove to paint the markings) to validate the idea that I have the final rendering this is just a step I will still work the bands to get close to that on spitfire of cource on typhoon
  7. the following all expenses of the unmasking
  8. Hi everybody the thing took colors of course, this is only a beginning with raw colors that will change well afterwards now I am going to attack the band on the fuselage
  9. soon the painting ultimate surfacer
  10. Hi everybody back to the business i finally have a few hours of avail most of the putty are done for safety and to have perfect surface I passed a veil of black surfacer that I polished to highlight any defects and especially to see or redo the rivets that have suffered sanding
  11. thank you one last with the other side before closing and here it is closed ....... the nose has its configuration finally I did not met any hood
  12. thank you the fuselage closure is approaching but before that I finished the vertical part of the cockpit that found on the side walls of the fuselage tomorrow the other side and I close ..
  13. the landing gear wells are trimmed the rest will come with the legs the extrados are glued also
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