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Piper Super Cub (PA-18-150) floatplane


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On this picture, one can also see that the tubular frame around the clear roof is not standard either. There is also a black rectangle. I dont know what it is, nor how to deal with. Maybe it's a small window?



The black rectangle is a plate to which the cross tubes are welded.  It's part of the tubular frame, and definitely not a window!

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The black rectangle is a plate to which the cross tubes are welded.  It's part of the tubular frame, and definitely not a window!



Thanks. That's what i thought at first too, but on this picture the black rectangle looks more outside of the clear roof. Or maybe it's an illusion and it's just seen through the clear roof?



I may add it to the tubular frame later, that's not a problem.



Yesterday, i finished my rebuild of the interior. I painted the back in white and added the frame, painted in black. And as i found it a bit empty, i added a green blanket and a life jacket. On some pictures, one can see some stuff in the back, but i have no idea of what it is. However, there is often something a bit fluorescent pink/orange, so i think it was a life jacket.

The blanket is just a square of lead sheet folded, and the life vest is made of 2 layers of lead foil glued and the straps made of lead foil, too.





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I definitely want to finish this one soon, hopefully in a few days.


I finally finished the engine, and assembled it on the fuselage.






I forgot to take pictures of the enclosed engine cowlings. It was not a piece of cake as the fit was not so good ! I had to sand everything smooth and then rescribe the lines between the panels with a razor saw. Pictures to come later.


I also finished the details specific to the floatplane version.

Here is the tailplane rudder bracket (for the cables controling the floats rudders) :




And a few details on the front wheel struts :





Everything is masked and i started to lay a coat of primer over it. Paint job is coming !!!!

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I did not like what i did with the rudder bracket (too thick and too long), so i modified it with a piece of brass sheet and made it shorter. I think it's better now, and more compliant to reference pictures.





Then i primed everything with grey primer. Actually it's stupid to prime white plastic in grey when it will later be painted white (the only interest is that the small surface flaws are much more noticeable with the grey primer). I noticed it when i started to paint the white, as the coverage was not great. So i ended repainting the whole model with Tamiya white primer. Great coverage power, and after a slight buffing it will be a perfect white coat (no need to lay any coat of white paint over it).

However, i masked the walking areas on the floats before applying the white primer, as the grey primer is slightly mat and has a very close color and texture to what i see on the reference pictures.




Now everything is white !



Next step : masking and yellow paint !

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Great little project. When I was getting trained for pilot license my flight instructor was a bush pilot out of Alaska and hear his stories about hopping from puddle to puddle I fell in love with the adventure and hopeing someday I can add this rating with my certification and my own stories of pubble jumping :)


You are doing great. I love the brass detail you are adding to your build. Totally cool ;)



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Really enjoying this build!  Like the little details and changes you're adding, and it's nice to see a bright civil subject get built.  Breaks up the drab camo'd planes.  Keep up the great work!





Matt  :frantic:

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