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  1. Gene

    Spitfire Floatplane

    As usual, FANTASTIC! Always love seeing your work - Thanks for posting!!!
  2. Gene

    Iconicair Supermarine Attacker

    Great review for LSP Eric!!! Thoroughly professional and enticing. Thanks for taking the time - thoughtful comments and careful layout.
  3. Gene

    Iconicair Supermarine Attacker

    You like obscure types (me too) - you found a real double winner - rare as a full size and even rarer as a model in any scale! Lovely looking plane - will watch your WIP with eager anticipation!! Thanks for posting! (BTW - I didn't notice this one on your 'to do'/%progress card - no worry, I do the same thing!!!).
  4. Absolutely stunning!!! At first I thought I was looking at reference photos of actual plane - very well done! Thank for posting.
  5. Gene

    1/20 Nichimo Cessna-172 Skyhawk

    Great job - very imaginative presentation! There is just not enough civil aviation subjects around - it is quite a treat to see a good example of what can be done. Thanks for posting!!!
  6. Gene

    AMT '59 El Camino-COMPLETED-11/21

    Great! Wonderful detailing - what a cool ride!
  7. Gene

    Such a cool livery

    Amazing!!! One might suspect that a shark was made into a jet!!!
  8. Nice work! A fascinating aircraft. Once saw one take off - it warmed up, had a very short roll, I thought it had taken a bounce on the grass field, but no, it was airborne and flying away - who needs helicopters??
  9. Gene

    OIF Kiowa Warrior

    Nice work!!! Too bad 'Photobucket" has to plaster your work with their overstated logo on top of your model pics!!!
  10. Nice to see how you held steady of your goal (goal=5%) and your perseverance (95%+) - quite inspiring !!! Looks to have come around to closely represent the full size.
  11. Gene

    1/32 Tamiya P-51D Mustang "Butch Baby"

    Absolutely sublime!!! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Gene

    P-51 B Mustang III

    O WOW! Beautiful overall, weathering, detailing, staging, and photography! Thanks for posting!!!
  13. You deserve a gold crown for perseverance!!! Very nice work and thanks for posting!!!
  14. Gene

    US Navy T-38A Test Pilot School

    Well done - very snappy scheme - thanks for posting!!!
  15. Gene

    Macchi Mc.72 in 1:12 scale

    Congrats!!! You're riding the crest of the wave of the future now - many thanks for posting!!!