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  1. Gene

    Apollo 16 Trans Earth EVA - Completed

    Very nice work - lots of action! Would love to see some shots against a 'star field' or black. Thanks for posting.
  2. Wonderful conversion! Excellent finish! Surprising number of victories for this late war aircraft! Thanks for posting.
  3. Gene


    Very nice work - excellent weathering! Fascinating comparison of Hellcat and Bearcat - always thought of the Hellcat as being a lot larger than the Bearcat. Thanks for posting.
  4. Gene

    WNW Fokker DVII

    Beautiful work, great weathering and excellent pics and staging - you got it all covered!!! Thank for posting.
  5. Gene

    MIG-15 Bis BG Air Force Trumpeter 1/32

    Great work!!! You've set a new high mark standard for this bird. Very impressive!!!
  6. Gene

    Short Sunderland MkII

    Great progress - fantastic project and such meticulous work - thanks for posting and sharing!!
  7. Gene

    Tamiya F-16 have glass scheme

    Wonderful work - quite convincing 'have glass' scheme - thank for posting!!!
  8. Gene

    MIG-15 Bis BG Air Force Trumpeter 1/32

    Wow - great detailing! I know how sparse the the detail is on the original kit (kinda like an old Revell kit, but the price is good). Thanks for posting!
  9. Gene

    1/32 Hasegawa P-40E Finished

    Great project!!! About you pics - the gloss acts like a partial mirror, that is it is reflecting a lot of the background (most of which is not in the pic itself), but that background creates another 'wash' over your base paint. Perhaps try different colors or tones in the distant background (again, they bg will only be reflected in the surface and not be seen in the pic). Outdoors, the predominant reflected source is the sky - be it blue or overcast grey, etc. All IMO, but that is what I would try. Hope that helps.
  10. Very nice additional detailing on the Firecracker - looking at the kit and your results, you've made a giant leap!!!
  11. Gene

    2018 KITS

    WOW! Yes, a great collection!! And such quality output - that was an average of a completion nearly once every 2 weeks!!! Is 'Red Baron' a corporation? Just kidding - great work and thanks for posting.
  12. Gene

    My 2018 builds finally!!

    Ha! How about posting all the starts for 2018? Bet that looks different
  13. Very nice work so far! It is great to see this unusual racer being built - who would of thought the old Williams kit would be useful for this extensive conversion. Thanks for sharing and posting!!!
  14. Gene

    1/32 B-29?

    In a time long ago and far away, I had a 1/32 vac of the B-29 and yes it is imposing (I want to say I had to remove a door to get the box in, but it's not so). I don't know what I was thinking at the time of purchase - it takes me forever to build and detail a decent size WWII fighter - guess it would have to be 'willed' to grandchildren for completion. That's the problem with a vac, but with an injection molded kit, weeell, maybe I could finish it my own lifetime. What I'm really holding out for is a 1/32 HK-1, aren't you? I could store kit stash inside.
  15. Gene

    F-5F VFC-111 Kitty Hawk 1:32

    Impressive! Very nice work and great scheme - I like the extra length effect - makes a deadly dart of it. Thanks for posting.