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  1. Gene

    CO2 airbrushing dangers

    Keep in mind that CO2 is the principal out-gas product of photosynthesis of plants. It sinks lower than O2 and as mentioned above in concentration will displace O2 - that's the danger but good ventilation will solve that issue. I've used compressed CO2 for airbrushing for years and over time, my friends have not noticed any abhorrent behavior in me (I do wonder about them sometimes).
  2. WOW !!! Modeling interest seems to be alive and well in the Czech Republic! Good to see and thanks for posting!
  3. From P-26 to PC.7 - you are in a class all by yourself - another stunner - thanks for posting and sharing!!!
  4. PERFECT!!! Quite stunning and such beautiful pics - you've made that tired old kit lovingly photogenic!!!
  5. Gene

    ME-262 Trumpeter 1/32

    Beautiful work - the low angle outdoor shots are incredible, very impressive. thanks for posting!!!
  6. Gene

    AMC Dh.9 WNW

    Engine, cockpit, et al - FANTASTIC!!! Very inspirational work!!!
  7. Gene

    Seafire L Mk.2C

    Absolutely beautiful rendition - flawless conversion!!! thanks for posting!!!
  8. Gene

    CH-47A Chinook Trumpeter 1:35

    WOW! Beautiful work and great photography - Thank for posting !!!
  9. Gene

    Some civvies in 1/72

    Beautiful work! Especially like your Learfan 2100 - beautiful bird; too bad it never reached production!
  10. Gene

    HpH Wyvern breaks through the clouds...

    I believe Fisher also recommends the Bleche White. What I was referring to was a fine slightly pebbly surface where the mold release sprayed on the mold translated as a texture cast into the resin surface. That texture remained even after a good scrub with detergent and bleach. I other cases (not Fisher), the fidelity caught in the vinyl mold is so good that it picks up some pencil marks made on the master and translates all the way to the final cast resin part. One coat of primer and that disappears, but it still amazes me that such a faint impression can carry forward! Sorry, this is all astray of the great HpH news of a Wyvern in the works!
  11. Fascinating build and process - looks very promising. One may not realize the diminutive size to the plane, but that #11 X-acto tells the tale!
  12. Gene

    Racers at Telford

    WOW! Great to see such an interest in those colorful birds - Thanks for posting!!!
  13. Gene

    HpH Wyvern breaks through the clouds...

    That's the trick! I had some success with foil on a Tamiya-primed resin Fisher kit. Surface prep is the key and just as with an Alcad finish, all surface blemishes will telegraph quite well. Because of the rivets, I did not do a vigorous sanding - even the faint images of resin mold release that remained in the resin telegraphed through, but in short a foil NMF on resin can be accomplished. See ref. LSP article Fisher 1/32 Ryan PT-22 Recruit; https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=3197. That will also link to the build thread.
  14. Thanks GDW for the detail pics of the thrust-reverse mechanism - now I can go ahead and complete the little bird!!! & thanks for the kind attention to the posts!
  15. Gene

    Aerotech Piaggio Pc.7 Finished.

    Great job on an extremely interesting race-craft - would have been a world record holder if they could have managed the power transfer (prop to prop) successfully. Today with computers it would have been a snap (witness the America's Cup race boat!!). Thanks for posting!!!