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  1. Very nice job - love the inclusion of the tank showing relative scale - well done!!!
  2. Having recently read-up on the Battle of Britain, it is little wonder that your presentation was amply available scattered over the 11 and 12 Group areas! Quite clever (as above stated) and a fun diversion - well done!!!
  3. Beautifully done!! You no doubt bring talents from some other detail oriented activity - looking forward to your Ar 234!!! Thanks for posting and sharing!
  4. Many interesting modelling possibilities in the VVS. You might find the following review of interest: Classic Publications | Soviet Air Force Fighter Colours 1941-1945 https://www.largescaleplanes.com/reviews/review.php?rid=268
  5. What a fantastic line-up - I truly hope they can carry through. The painted model pics of the Skystreak are spectacular.
  6. All that hard and ongoing work on the database is paying dividends! In the old days I enjoying viewing various build articles which were categorized in groups (such as 'civilian', WWI, Mid-war, etc). When that disappeared I was at a loss of how to explore site info, but the way the database works, it is soooo much more valuable in researching a kit (I know everybody knows that, but to me the 'light bulb' is a great new discovery). Thank you!!!!
  7. Perfectly lovely rendition and very well photographed!!! Thanks for posting and sharing!
  8. Beautiful work - Wunderbar!! Very creative staging - leads me around like I'm a dog on a leash!!! Thanks for posting and sharing.
  9. Very impressive build - beautifully painted and weathered! Interesting how tame the small pics make this model seem to be - I know it is a real monster in 32nd scale and you handled it quite well. Thanks for posting and sharing.
  10. Stunning work on the engines - suitable for framing at that point!!! - thanks for posting!!!
  11. Great project! It certainly helps to see one of those cars in monotone to reveal the actual shapes (the busy graphics and hi-speed blur kind-of hides the underlying car). I see several mentions by other posts of Tamiya 1/12, but is this one of their kits? You could convince me it might be an original well done scratchbuilt - what is it?
  12. Great work!!! Looks absolutely flawless, choice of finishes a masterwork - thanks for sharing!!!
  13. Masterfully done - in a word not much used but certainly applies here - sublime!!! What is the meaning of "Revelamiyastang . . ." I can see 'Revell', Tamiya, and Mustang' but what does it signify here - just curious -
  14. Totally awesome!!! You've mastered every possible trick!!
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