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  1. Really very nice work - I know how difficult this kit is and with patience (which you demonstrate in abundance) a very interesting model can result. Thanks for posting and sharing.
  2. Fascinating work and presentation, very unusual and extremely well done - thanks for posting and sharing!!!
  3. GREAT engine work - do you use an electron microscope?
  4. Very handsome job thus far - very enjoyable to witness !!!
  5. Very enjoyable presentation - each element contributes to an entertaining story. Figure work is excellent, especially the Joker!! Thanks for sharing!
  6. As all above - VERY impressive build, crisp and flawless finish. BTW, the runway details are great also! Thanks for posting and sharing - you are off to a great year of modelling!
  7. Всегда любил МиГ-3 - с нетерпением предвидеть ваше исполнение!
  8. Nice work! The ICM kit appears to have a more complete interior and the Eduards bits look great!
  9. I'm very curious about the ICM kit; I've seen they have a T.17 with skis, but your path is committed and should work fine - good luck & Cheers !
  10. Went to a 20 lb Oxford dictionary to help find words to express more than wonder, amazement and joy - there are none!!! Thanks for posting and sharing your project!!!
  11. Wonderful collection - would be great for a life-time and totally amazing for 11 months and with cataract issues in there as well - I'm speechless - Thank for posting and sharing!!!
  12. A pet dislike of mine is the mess that can follow trying to marry a completed wing to the fuselage and struggling with surface mis-match. Sometimes a prominent panel line occurs in the same place – in theory this should help but in fact aggravates the situation. In the case of the I-16 and in this Special Hobby kit the line of attachment of the kit is no line at all in the actual aircraft. My solution was to attach the upper wing half to the fuselage (without the lower wing piece) and feather in the joint to ‘go-away’. So far this seems to work. A taped dry fit seems to confirm a good alignment all around leaving the easier to handle wing leading edge to take the focus of final blending.
  13. Thanks Kev - I'll proceed! The kit offers two underside wing center sections – one is for the T.10 and the other for the T.17 (primary difference being in the exhaust port area). At a time long ago, I had incorporated the wrong center section. Having settled on a scheme illustrated in Soviet Air Force Fighter Colours 1941-1945 for an I-16 Type 17 ‘white 15’, I selected the T.17 wing center section and began mods for attaching landing gear and attached the out wing pieces. What do they say about when Fools rush in? At some point after completing the above I noticed in a narrative elsewhere in SAFFC describing an I-16 Type 10 ‘white 15’. The author, Erik Pilawskii, was kind enough to confirm that the narrative was correct; "I-16 Type 10 number "15" was allegedly photographed in the summer of 1940, region unknown." (9/27/05) [OOPS - Soviet Air Force Fighter Colours 1941-1945 was not the source for the color, but they came from Erik Pilawskii's VVS Hobbyvista website which i understand is sadly not going to be further maintained.] Right or wrong I’ll be attempting the profile finish of the ‘white 15’ combined with the wing treatment shown on the ‘red 23’ – lacking anything to the contrary, that is. Instead of redoing the landing gear post and outer wing attachment, I chose to cut out the T.10 exhaust panel and replace it in the work already completed. I know, kinda’ fiddly – guess I was intrigued by the challenge.
  14. Regarding the no more that 25% completed criteria, I am not sure what you all would feel about where this kit stands. I see there is quite a bit of work to do; I hope this will qualify.
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