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Piper Super Cub (PA-18-150) floatplane


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Guest Peterpools


One gorgeous Super Cub ... but aren't they all. Of course, I can honestly say, in all the hours I flew J3's none looked as good.

Keep 'em coming


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Thanks !


I also have the bushwheels version which has an alaska state trooper scheme, and i love it ! Floats or balloon tyres Super Cubs are just the perfect aircraft for alaska. :)

Your right about that. I hope someday we'll see your Alaskan State Troopers cub :) Btw, this is looking real nice. The paint job looks fabulous ;)



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A small update on this one ! The end is finally coming, and i long for it ! I need more space on my bench to work other builds, and it's getting dust all over.


I started to assemble the last smallest parts and details and also started installing the rigging and control cables. This little bird is so fragile that one has to be very careful to avoid breaking something.


Gluing the tail planes was tricky to get them straight. They are hold only by small plastic rod. That's not strong at all. I hope i wont break them later...



The wing struts were also tricky to install cleanly. Especially as the left one was a tad too long and so once glued it was bent,  so i had to modify it, while half glued on the model. I held my breath...



The rear control cables, and i also started to make the rigging (i did not finished as the tail planes assembly was not cured).



Small details on the underside :



Reinforcement brackets on the rear float struts :


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