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  1. Wow ! Not an easy kit. Awesome job. Great painting and weathering job. Thanks for sharing. I'm fan. Fred
  2. ...my favourite plane ! Yours is great. Very soft and nice paint, just perfect. Fred
  3. Splendid ! Nice work and original subject. Thanks for sharing. Fred
  4. Great job ! Love that paint scheme. Fred
  5. Incredible work ! Love your painting technique. Absolutely beautiful F-104. Thanks ! Fred
  6. My God ! Just perfect. Looks like a real one. Congrats! Fred
  7. THANK YOU all Thanks Alain. In this book: ISBN 80-85957-15-9 Thanks jack. Not in Hoboken this year, sorry. Probably if you come at IPMS Belgium Convention: october 2016, 8 & 9 ... ? masking tape Tamiya. Vallejo aluminium have a very good adherence but you must remove grease from the model and sand lightly. Thanks Kev !
  8. Splendid ! Super début Jean-Luc Fred
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