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This is my HK Meteor F4 finished as VT413 of 56 squadron based at RAF Waterbeach in Cambridgeshire circa 1951.  The AM bits used were the G-Force undercarriage (expensive but really worthwhile) along with the Brassin wheels, Fisher long chord nacelles to give the right shape at the front end, Profimodeller cockpit PE and Pheon decals.  The trolley acc is by Iconicair.  After fiddling about with two Tiger Moths for a few months (and not completing them!) this kit was a joy to build.  It all went together fairly well with no major issues.  I used Mr Paint white aluminium and duraluminium to get the finish that I wanted with Flory dark dirt  to weather the plane in places.  The sergeant ground crew figure is from the Wings Cockpit range, the pilot is adapted from a WW2 wireless operator, can't quite remember who produced it though.




Hope you like it, the next Meteor will be the T7 :) .
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That  is plain beautiful - fantastic build - hats off !!!!



Thank you Lothar, the lines of the Meteor are classic ones so my job was very easy! :)


Wow, LOVELY work Max!    No WIP for this bad boy?

Well not quite a bad boy Brian, there is a WIP but I didn't get to finish it!  Can do though.......?


Great build!

Thanks Kevin, as I mentioned the HK kit is pretty good and fairly straight forward to put together, in fact I enjoyed it so much that I've already bought another one ready for the T7! 


Dam Max, first thought was a real aircraft! Very well done....Harv


You devil you......that is the ultimate compliment Harv, it's what I always strive to achieve, many thanks.


What great pics, thanks for sharing.





The background is an airfield not far from me Rod, Compton Abbas perched on the top of a hill.  I had the picture enlarged but the only problem is the finish is glossy so it reflects light so much so I have to be very careful with my camera angles and then crop carefully.


Looks great Max. Terrific finish and just the right amount of weathering.





Thank you Jim, I had studied several contemporary pictures and found that few were as clean as museum planes, but equally not too filthy! :)


Very nice Max. I like it a lot, and the pictures too.




I like to set my aircraft as they might have been, kind of mini-dioramas I guess Jay.  The trouble is they take up so much more space!! :(


Just wonderful, great finish and atmospheric display of subject - looking at these pics is making me smile like the pilot!


Thanks John, funnily enough your post made me smile like the pilot too! :) :)



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