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Finally finished one! 1/32 Hasegawa P-40N

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Thanks for all the encouragement guys!  Definitely helps keep the juices flowing.  Well here it is, Hasegawa's 1/32 P-40N painted with Tamiya paints using masks from Montex.  The construction was fairly straightforward.  If you look at my WIP you'll see how I tackled the issues surrounding the tail plug.  I'm not sure how to link that here, but if one of the moderaters is willing to do it, that would be great. The masks were a hurdle to me as I lacked the confidence to tackle the large vinyl nose mask.  However, I eventually decided to go for it and it turned out pretty good.  I will say that the black outline would be near impossible to do with the mask as I had to alter the original to conform to the complex shapes around the nose.  So, in the end, I used a black artist ink pen to freehand it.  I also used a little artistic license to paint the hub caps red.  In the picture of the real aircraft, they used the spoked hub, but I thought using red on the hub caps would look cool with the bird head.  So sue me! :D


Thanks for looking,



The last photo is of my new built in display case.  I think some of my problems with building were linked to the fact that I had nowhere to put completed models that would protect them from the four little gremlins I live with...













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Thanks guys! Yes, the access is through the back in the basement utility room.


That looks great, Leo! May I publish it on the website?



Absolutely Kevin, I would be honored! I wish I could take better photos. It's funny that the ones from my iPhone are almost better than with the DSLR. User error, I'm sure!!!

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Looking good! Me like. Good choice on the wheel covers.....Harv

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