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Mals A6M2, Tora Tora Tora. December 7 -41. New Pictures taken....

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this is my 14th build and 3 Diorama ive ever made since by return to building 2,5-3 yrs ago (havent builded since 18-20yrs before that) and were very fun to build.

The kit is Tamiya A6m2 1:32, nut much to say except, it is perfect, very little, i mean very little puttu were needed infact i did my own surfacer (Tamiya putty disolved in acetone).

Colors i used were mainly Tamiya, camo color is homebrew of them, details (metallic) ive ued the silver ink Silver and gold, them Aoteke ive used Alclads, and Alclad hot metal blue, them washes i used were Tamiya black panel line wash around the cockpit and engine, very basic indeed, the aircraft itself were a mix of different Flory washes.

Some scratch needed, that gunsight Type 28 were scratched and ignition cables to the engine and them sparks plugs.

ive used the figure that came with this kit, and is my 4th ive ever done, still learning to paint them.

The baseplate i use Ikeas LP frame, as i see thme wery nice and ethetical look, clean and neat, and fit pefectly in my glass cabinett.
the aircraft carrier theeck i used light colored mahogny the same as model boat builders use, and them metal areas as the lift and that metal on the sirface and them ancoredge ponts are acratch using Plastic Card.

All them insignias Hinomaru, the red line on mainwing, red fuselage stripe and yellow tail stripes are painted.

So here it is....

Situation is early mornind Dec 7 -41 photo session befor taking of....






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Thanks for them cie comments.



That figure ive used, i had to figure out situation and know what...idea came quickly...he posing and why the hec not a camera, i almost skipped it until one member on a swedish forum ponted out....make that cam and stick to it, and im happy i did that.



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Really, really nice build and diorama.  The wash in all those tiny and clean rivets really catches my eye, along with your excellent modeling skills.  Super job Mal!

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