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  1. Nice work! I've been enjoying your builds for a while now and this one is very cool. John
  2. Cruise is 59 and is a product of (good) plastic surgery and keeps his appearance up to continue his film career. Kelly McGillis is 64 and doesn't do many movies anymore - I believe she lives privately and teaches acting. I'm no feminist but even I had to shake my head at your comment. To each their own. John
  3. Great stuff - I've built this boxing as well and it's the best value out there. Enjoy it! John
  4. I never had a problem with it until a couple of moths ago. Whenever I try to go to their webpage I get a "Bad Gateway" message. Anyone know what causes that? Tried on my laptop, my work computer and my phone - all gave the same message. John
  5. Actually I did while you were typing this. I think I'm still entitled to an opinion. Thanks for your instruction. John
  6. You shouldn't regret suggesting it. I regret the response from the mods. John
  7. ...Except that Dave said in his first post "this seems to have a political slant to it in that it’s essentially taking a side in a ongoing conflict" and a couple of sentences later said "I’m just against politics creeping into this board, and even if people claim it’s about solidarity or other high minded principles, it’s still political in the current context". Like I said it's your website to run but how about some consistency in your response? I'd love to see the WIP page fill up with Ukrainian projects - hell, I'll go out of my way to come up with one and I'd welcome those who support Putin to **** on it. Anyway, thanks for your responses. John
  8. It's the owners' website for sure and I respect that. However this is beyond "political" in nature - the Ukrainians didn't invade Russia. The Ukrainians aren't rocketing Russian civilians. The Ukrainians haven't financed assassination teams to kill the leaders of Russia. Like it or not this is about people who did nothing to bring this on being victimized by a tyrant trying to rebuild his empire. If you're going to sit on some high horse and pretend it's somehow wrong to take sides in the face of this then so be it. John
  9. Great work - thanks for sharing! John
  10. Great work - makes me want to finally finish my 1/35 build... John
  11. Congratulations on your retirement Chuck! Enjoy the new found time and I'll look forward to more magnificent builds. John
  12. I thought the same thing - Dark Helmet. But he was available so… John
  13. Great work - after building one of these F-5 kits I can really appreciate the level of detail you're applying here! John
  14. Great stuff so far - I've got an F-4C ready to start after the New Year. You're inspiring me to get started! John
  15. Thanks very much Tim! I'd like to build another one (preferably the CG conversion) but I think I'm getting priced out of the market at the moment - no way I'm paying the ludicrous prices online for these kits. John
  16. Thank you very much! I'm looking forward to seeing these decals! John
  17. Thanks very much - it was an enjoyable build. John
  18. More progress on the Schnellboot - slow and steady wins the race!
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