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  1. Hi folks Just a small update, lost my mojo over the Xmas period so slow progress. The nts unit..... Version 15 or 16 who knows... It's starting to resemble the real deal now, pics are a little crappy but hopefully you can see the adjustments I've made. Also sourced some mirror paper (the same stuff used on two way mirrors) to use on the left side camera glass, will post pics shortly. Began riveting the tail and boom, looks a little messy at the minute as I'm using humbrol's decal fix. This leaves a gluey residue but has a much stronger bond than microfix/sol. I'm using a two different sizes of archers rivets and Micromarks rivets for the larger rivets. Also scratched the tie down thing on the centre of the boom More soon Zak
  2. Amazing (throws wallet at screen)
  3. So impressive, the work you've put in really shows. So many great details
  4. Thanks for all your input guys, I think I've cracked it (after numerous failed attempts!). I tried 'sugru', way to sticky to work with at this scale even after it had cured for a while and hardened, it also loses its stickiness during curing however it's an interesting product that I'm sure will have some kind of modelling application (casting mold maybe?). Numerous attempts with thin plasticard, wire, milliput failed. I was almost going to give in and paint them on but then I remembered I had some kneadatite (or green stuff as it's commonly called). This stuff has just the right amount of tackiness and holds its shape, conforms well to the inside of the test canopy and shouldnt need any other adhesive added. However it's, as the it's name suggests, green. I added a couple of drops of black ink and vallejo white paint whilst I was kneading it and hey presto, grey putty! No pics as of yet as I'm not quite ready to add it to the canopy yet but will update my cobra build soon. Cheers Zak
  5. Thanks for the update, appreciate the work that's going into this project dude
  6. Thanks for the input dudes, I'll probably attempt all of your ideas at somepoint! Will let u know how I get on
  7. Thanks for that, sounds interesting. Got some on order so will let you know the results
  8. Thanks for the edjumacating Timmy! Yes I'm considering vinyl tape, good call
  9. Yea i think it would Harv. Im thinking maybe milliput black rolled and carefully attached on? May also mean I won't need to glue it on to the canopy as it's sticky whilst it's curing....🤔
  10. Hi folks. Im racking my brain on how to create the canopy seals on my current AH-1W build. Im specifically talking about the black/grey rubber seals on the interior of the canopy (see photo) I'd rather not paint them on as I'm after a more 3d effect so any ideas/suggestions on what material to use would be helpful Zak
  11. Thank you for the kind words Maru and yes my studies are now completed! I am now a registered psychiatric nurse! Just need to find a job now..... Zak
  12. Great photos, that explosion/fly by....wow. Thanks for sharing
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