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  1. Hi Jack... I agree completely... I think the metal finish is very nice, but for a first shot Parker and I will stick to the OD and gray Flak-Bait scheme... thanks, Mitch and Parker
  2. Last night Parker and I got the fuselage put together... it was actually a bit more fiddly then I would have thought forehand... despite multiple dry fittings, when closure time came, the fuse did not close up as precisely as it should have... even though the upper portion seamed up nicely, the lower portion had a bit of a step to it and for the life of me I could not figure out why... At any rate, it was not that bad and some Vallejo putty with sanding has smoothed things out... Tonight, was a dry fit run and things are looking good... starting to look like an aeroplane...
  3. I used a drop of glue... once in the belts don't need to go anywhere... I would also try to trim any raveling as the yarn in the belts is not to scale...
  4. Hi Jack, thanks for your continuing involvement in the project... m.
  5. As a rule, I enjoy 1/32 scale, but am doing this for Lewis's birthday... nevertheless, working at 1/72 has been enlightening... I have a friend who is almost strictly 1/72 and admits to being intimidated by the shear scale and visual presence of 1/32... m.
  6. I had to look up SWMBO... glad you have one... m.
  7. Other than you guys, my finished kits are seen only by those that have NO IDEA what they are really looking at... in fact, since they're in my basement model room, hardly anyone sees them but me... perhaps that's why my future double build Raiden/Corsair are intended for my office ceiling... still, they will look as real to my university colleagues as the Starship Enterprise in the Astronomy professor's office downstairs...
  8. besides the Tamiya 1/32 superkits, I really like the Zoukei Mura kits... I built the Skyraider and it was an epic experience and a huge plane at 1/32... next in my queue is the ZM Raiden "Jack" and I am really looking forward to tackling it... have fun... looking good...
  9. what an outstanding job! just out of curiosity, what do you do with a 1/24 scale plane when you're done with it? I have the mossie on the back bench and it intimidates me thinking about where I would put it... m
  10. great photography... great story telling... thx. m
  11. Hi Jack, I've been wrestling with that issue... the plain star and bar markings would be the most historically accurate; however, both Parker and Lewis would probably enjoy the Flak Bate markings on the nose... I suppose those markings were applied before the plane went on it's first mission, thus I could keep it clean? What do you think? There is historical accuracy and then there's fun too... regards, Mitch
  12. Awesome job... I have one of these slated for the near future and will be fascinated watching yours come together...
  13. character building is what you are going through...
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