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Kitty Hawk OV-10D Bronco VMO-4


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Ive been waiting for this one for a LONG LONG time. Its by far and away one of my all time favorite air-frames, possibly top two. I have always loved it ever since my dad got me up close and personal to a demonstrator way back in the day at a show at our local AFB.............simple, effective, superlative flying characteristics, great visibility, super maneuverability, and extreme adaptability and flexibility.  It was always just do damn small in the dreaded 1/48th scale to model, along with the fact that the Testors kit was really JACKED UP and needed mondo AM parts to make it even remotely acceptable.............................



Enter Kitty Hawk!

Glenn and crew have been putting out some real stunners lately, and this little gem has to be seen to be believed! This 1/32nd OV-10D from Kitty Hawk is possibly their best kit to date, with some wonderful molding, precise and restrained reviting, and some very fine detail all the way around.


Our very own LSP_Paul will be doing an In-Box review of this kit shortly, and I will let his review cover what you get in the box, so I wont go into a great deal on that up-front.

This will be a build review for Kitty Hawk models, so it will be built OOB using only what KH give you in the box, which is some REALLY nice stuff!
I will let Pauls IB review cover that in more depth, but believe me, there are some VERY nice touches in the kit..................but for now, lets get started!




Unlike some previous new releases from other manufactures, KH has chosen some really great box art for their D model release of the OV-10:








For whatever reason, I really like the shape/size of the Broncos box..............that is not something I often think about, or even contemplate when modeling really, but in this case the KH OV-10 box is not that large in length or width, but its quite thick, with glossy artwork of all the schemes the kit comes with, and is just about the perfect size to work with on the bench:











The box itself, comes absolutely STUFFED full of light gray sprues and some nice little treats, but again Ill let Paul get into those detail in his IB review.

I had to completely revamp my work room and clean up some cluttered and effectively unused space, to free up some room to get the HK OV-10 on the bench and still keep adequate room to continue the HpH Walrus at the same time.

Ive not attempted a double build before, but I freed up ample room for the OV-10, along with some space to put finished parts, the instructions, as well as getting a new work matt for the space, and rigging an old light I had laying around as a 3rd work light for this new work space. I will still be able to use my PC, but I seem to have ample room to work on, and spread out with both kits, and not get anything mixed up, or have either one hamper the other as far as room goes.

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The light gray plastic that KH has used seems very pliable but not soft, and the detail is quite restrained and striking IMHO. The raised detail as in this case with the strengthening gussets, is quite lovely indeed:















The 1:1 Bronco has a LOT of glass to it, so any kit in 32nd had to have some really nicely molded clear parts. The KH Bronco is no exception. Nice touch by KH to protect all the clear parts by putting them all in their own separate box:








There is a LOT of glass-ware on the OV-10, and its all bright and crystal clear on my copy:











I did cut some parts of the sprues to test fit tonight but didnt get around to cutting any major parts off except some of the cockpit parts I needed to start, as the nice KH instructions lead you off starting with the two hole pit, wich BTW, has some excellent details to it OOB:











Since I figure 75% of the people who will do one of these new KH OV-10s will likely do the desert scheme from VMO-2 in 1991 / OP DS, that I wanted to try something different. I also figured that I should do something different since my Walrus now on the same bench will be a desert scheme as well..............

I think Im going to go with the Marine VMO-4 tri-color wrap around camo scheme:











All for now gents, as I did start the pit tonight, but took me so long to re-org the bench to double duty, all I got done was to clip off some needed parts for the pit and clean the gates off.

More progress this week as I head into more of the pit.



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Oh very nice Brian - Really looking forward to this :popcorn:


Yep this kits been on my radar since they started showing the initial shots of it - might have to wait a bit, end of next year before I get it but I do fancy the desert one!


So good luck with the duel build and thanks for trail blazing this one :thumbsup:


Taff :D

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Thanks guys.  In case any of you were wondering what comes in the box, here is a great review by LSP_Paul that will give you a good idea what you get OOB, which as you will find after reading the review, is quite a LOT!


Kitty Hawk KH32003: 1/32 OV-10D Bronco

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Will be following this for sure! Love the Bronco and if this kit's fit matches the ambition of its engineering and detail, it'll definitely make my must-have list.


Also - LOVE the tricolor USMC scheme. For me, that will always be how OV-10s should look.

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Guest Peterpools


Surely Christmas has come very early for you and eagerly looking forward to you digging in and getting going on the Bronco.

Keep 'em coming


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Thanks so much for the warm response on this one guys.  :) I appreciate all the comments. This one is one Ive been waiting for in our scale for a lot of years now. There are not too many niggles with this kit, but as Danny pointed out, Im not totally sure the auxiliary fuel tank fins are where they need to be. I havnt found any documentation pics with the straight fins as KH has provided. Here is a shot from Pauls review:








Here is a couple shots Danny provided with what I have found to be fitted on the OV-10s (This doesnt mean there are NO OV-10s out there with straight fins I just have not found any pics yet):















I dont think the needed corrections will take much effort, just some styrene sheet and should be GTG to get the more correct looking shape of the fins.

Back in a bit with some actual build progress!!!

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