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A-1 H/J skyraider (Trumpeter) in USAF colors


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Already my last update on the pit assembly !

I will do the paint work later when all the assembly work will be done on the fuselage in order to prevent damaging anything.


First, the stick which is made from ZM part. I did add some details like buttonsd, etc... as well as a canvas made from putty at the bottom:




Finally, the IP :




Time to turn my attention to the engine ancilaries bay and firewall....


Thanks for following !

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Many thanks to all for the kind words , much appreciated  ;)


I am working on the "rear engine" bay if I can say so and this is one busy area to say the less ...


So, in order to get a quick in the a$$, I have been through Rick build again for inspiration and this is quite impressive  :closedeyes:


First time I get into it, I was not into raider business at all so even if I have seen the details and great work he has done, it is only when re-reading it that I got all the complexity and incredible work he has put in it so far... when you decide to start your own work based on this build, it is intimidating to say the less  :mental:  ....


I can only invite you to have an other look at it to understand what I mean 

link !!


Anyway, I started it and will post an update ASAP but progress are rather slow as I am now back to work...


Thanks for following my friends !!

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Many thanks Mr b :)


It is time for an update I guess... progress are getting slow again as I got back to work on monday... so modelling time gets reduced again.


Anyway slow progress is progress actually so here it is... with oil cooler first.

It was made from stirpes of styren using the lamination technic and PE mesh :




Then its mount :






And here is the assembly (dryfit):




It is not too bad I think but the mount is very fragile indeed.





if it happens that you pass-by, I have a few questions for you mate:

- are you planing to replicate the ducting of the oil cooler?

- if yes, any idea on how ?



Thanks all for following !!

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