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A-1 H/J skyraider (Trumpeter) in USAF colors


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Thanks Teresa, Paul,  ;)


Humm... I never used these HGW products before but some stuff looks awsome !

Thought for the seat belts, I like to make them myself when it is possible... I know, I am boring :innocent:



Faced the first problem today... despite I measured several times, I made the base of the seat a little bit too wide and it is about 0.5mm too big to fit in the pit  :doh:


My mistake was to consider the size of the basic shape without the details (rivets, etc...) on the sides of the seat : beginer's mistake really !

So I did sand the plankings that goes on each side of the pit but there is still a few 0.x mm to gain or I will have to erase some of the detailling work  



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Sorry to hear that Loic, but it happens to all of us occasionally.  The box with the decals I am sending you will have a better ZM headrest in it, it's the correct shape for the Yankee Seat its one of the few parts I didn't have to modify. :) I know you'll come out with a great seat again after you fix the width.

  Paul ,

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You are 100% right Mark,


most of the détails that would need to be erased wont be seen anyway when fitted in the pit but still...


Like Col. Hannibal. Smith use to say in the infamous TV show : "I like when a plan comes together" ... and this is not the case here :D

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Of course we do (or did to be precise) and I used to watch the show as well as some others like Maj Boyington flying missfits when I was a kid  ;)



Back to the seat and going from one error to an other... I realised while going through my ref that I was heading wrong by working from a "not quite accurate" pair of pics of yankee seats.


When checking Skyraider pics I saw that the rails were mounted on side of the seat on the raider rather than on the back like on my ref pics...


Been reworking everything... and here is the results...






of course, that is too wide to properly fit in the trumpy pit... so I had to shorten the rails... and that's what it looks like in the "bucket"






This is only a matter of 1mm or so but that is already too much... Test fitted in the fusselage, it is barely visible so that will be OK I guess!


Thanks for following while I am fighting my way through this new league guys  :unsure:

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Thanks mate,


I know it is no big deal but I just feel stupid when it happens and this means unnecessary extra work ...


Unnecessary extra work?


Building Aircraft?


What's That??  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:


You are doing a fantastic Job so far, This is going to be so fun to watch! 


Looks great in the fuselage!



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looking great loic!


by the way....a guy I asked for help a while ago (works at Tennessee museum of aviation) has finally been in touch - he is servicing the engine of their A-1H and hopefully will be sending me photos of all the wires, hoses and connections at the back of the engine and on the bulkhead, and hopefully (and more importantly) where they start, and end.  Once I have the photos I would be happy to share them with you.

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