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A-1 H/J skyraider (Trumpeter) in USAF colors


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Loic, the Seat and Side Walls and Cockpit Tub all look fantastic!   Your head rest looks great, at least ya had something  3D to help guide the shape.  I'm looking forward to seeing what else you can do with this kit, it's going to look great!


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Hi guys and gals  !


"Project bathroom" is officially terminated (as they say in the CIA :wicked: )... Do!  I mean complete  ;)


Before you complain about non relevant pics in this thread... remember you asked for these !  :)


New stones on the wall (they are light grey in fact but the pics are so&so) on the left side and previous ones on the center part...



And more stone work... if anyone wonders what these things on the side are, they are mirors... and as there is one on each side, gives you the impression of... well, you guys see what I means  :) 



Now the floor : old are the "orange" stones and new is the grey oakwood thingy:



Last one with some sort of overall view...



This does not show all the work as I also repainted everything and corrected every single bit of mess that the previous owners had left... That's 10 full days of work and a lot of pain to be honnest.


I also do not share the other side of the room as there is the toilets , etc... and well, you do not need to know too much details about that space me think :ph34r: ... ;)




To come back to modelling... been priming and working on the rudder assembly this afternoon ... shall post pics sometime tomorrow if all goes well.


Time for a shower now :)

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Very Fancy Throne Loic!!


Looks great, and I know it's hard work as well!


The Mirror idea among other things.... make the area of the Bathroom look larger. Nice colors!


Maybe you can hang your Plane up above the shower and pretend it it flying through rain??   :rofl:  And the Mirrors would make it look like more than one was in the room  :rofl:  :shrug:


Thanks for sharing with us my friend!


Teresa  :thumbsup:

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Thanks :)

The mirors were installed by th eprevious owners but I must admit I kinda like them  :rolleyes: so I did not have the heart to hide them ;)

What the pics do not show is that the previous stone work was a real mess (missing parts, etc... ) and despite the fact that everybody has it's own taste, the work was ugly regardless the rest.

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I do not know about accuracy but I am serious when I say your build is a true inspiration -_-


Today's update: work continues on the pit...


Base kit rudder proposal... rather basic indeed even if not much will be visible once assembly is complete I have to admit.




This said, Paul kindly offered me his ZM raider extra parts so I only needed a few adaptation work and I guess it will look much, much better:




Then, I turned my attention to the set of gauges in between the pilot legs (it is about 6x5 mm in real life...)




And finally the "top of the desk"




Only a few things remaining before I can claim the office job done I guess  :)


Thanks for following my firends  ;)

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