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A-1 H/J skyraider (Trumpeter) in USAF colors


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Thanks Martin ;)


I was expecting to show more progress today but I get distracted by real life yesterday and I have commited to completely "rebuild" the bathroom before the end of next week ... otherwise wife will kick me out of the house  :) 


I shall manage to  save some time for modelling thought ;)

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Hi guys,


"project bathroom" is now well underway so I took a few hours "off" yesterday to work on the raider :)

Not quite the update of the year but I have been working on cockpit detailling and there is quite some room for improvement here... I do not intend to get nut with it but the initial offering is not quite at level I think.

This is sad as a few more parts could have make a real difference to this kit.


Anyway, levers and stuffs added on the side panels:




Then, I have added basic structure and canvas panels to the side walls:








I know there wont be much visible at the end but still, that was fun :)




I need to add the small details onto this base now.


Thanks for passing by and hope you like it  ;)

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Thanks Teresa !


Today, I have been working on the seat again : head rest and belts.



I was not able to use the head rest you provided as it was looking undersized fitted on my oversized seat... so I had to make my own based on the ZW part you gave me.






Need to see what it looks like under a coat of primer now...

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