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A-1 H/J skyraider (Trumpeter) in USAF colors


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Loic - I'm building the exact same kit (as you know) and already have several hundred photos, as well as all the available books (except for one or two).  I've also identified which areas of the Trumpeter kit need work


let me know if you need any reference material

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All right friends,


after lots of talking, delays from here and there, questionning and wo,dering... I finally managed to start working on the Skyraider :)


I started from the yankee seat that I tried to replicate and update to the Trumpy kit. Might not be the most accurate bang seat on earth but this build is ment to be fun so if it look OK, that well enough for me ;)


So, DRUM ROLL ........


starting from sheets of styren..




making a bucket :)




and adding a few details to it






Also made some rails and structure from styren stripes







Then started on the back of the seat





and the result (parts not glued together)





Hope you guys & gals like it  ;)


Thanks for following !

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Thanks Jack !


This is rather new for me as I usualy mostly (almost "only" in fact) build WWII aircraft and ejection seats were not that comon (or at least much more simple).


I am enjoying this and I hope I can propose an improvment over the trumpeter offering :




Ok... my 4 year old daughter could improve this seat I guess :rofl:


So... continuing with cushion made from putty









I also have add some more details and some of you may have noticed I am going to re-use Trumpeter head rest so all in all, this kit seat is not a complete waste I'd say ;)


Thanks for following !

Edited by Loic
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Woo Hoo Loic!


You got started and on top of it all your seat looks fantastic!!


I agree you are gifted and I can't wait to see more!


Glad you are having fun!


Do you want to scratch build me a new dinning room set and send it to me? Hee,Hee :-)


Teresa :)

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