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1/32nd Focke-Wulf Triebflügel

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Topic says it all ladies and gents................................

This is the 1/32nd Focke Wulf Triebflügel mastered by Antares out of Argentina, made for Models and More.
Its bizzare, strange, ungainly, ugly, weird, beautiful and right down my alley.

It never actually flew, nor did it actually get built, but this build will be from a different "What-if" time scenario where the Third Reich and hence the Luftwaffe survived and even flourished into the late 40s and beyond, getting a foothold in the air-war over the father-land by implementing, building and pressing into service some of Hitlers most ingenious and diabolical secret "Luft-46" projects...................

Its winter 1947, and Hitlers Luftwaffe has been hard at work defending the father-land.......................several years earlier in the war, Hitler almost made a fateful decision to try to get the Me-262 into combat as a bomber, which would have delayed its debut into front line service.
Fortunately for the Luftwaffe, Hitlers top generals and advisers convinced him to press the 262 into service as a fighter as fast as they could, to stem the ever growing tide of bombers over Germany. This significantly impacted the air-war over Germany, as the Me-262 was 100Mph faster than anything the Allies had, and after 3 years of front line Me-262 activty, the 262 fighter groups were starting to turn the tide.................

This gave Germany the time it needed to fortify its defences and start pressing home their attacks on the bombers over their homeland. Hitlers concealed underground bunkers, machine shops and assembly plants he separated all across Germany to produce and assemble his new secret Luftwaffe Jagdwaffe weapons for defense of the home-land had now been ramping up for 2 years, and most were now fully on-line and producing substantial quantities of these new weapons.

The Triebflügel manufacturing line was established at the Mittelwerk factory in the the Kohnstein located in Thuringia, Germany to make sure the production was un-interupted by the Allied bombing. The Triebflügel assembly and production commenced in 1944, was established by forced labor, and by 1946 was ramping up sigificantly, and was producing Triebflügels at an alarming rate.

The odd VTOL Luftwaffe project that was once just a bizarre Idea on paper was now helping to turn back the Allied on-slot. Hitler concealed it in the trees, in the mountains, along the Autobahn in hidden revetments, and by 1947, the Luftwaffe was starting to re-claim some air-fields lost to the Allies earlier in the war, and some of these re-claimed front line Luftwaffe air-fields, were now starting to be turned into quick alert Triebflügel Gruppes.


JG54 / 2 Staffel is one of those units turning the tide of war with one of Hitlers secret weapons..................................

So here we go!

This will be roughly what Im going for, a fairly typical RLM 70/71 splinter camo, with a grungy skanked up winter camo over that, from Jagdgeschwader 54 / 2 Staffel. This will be very close to what I am going to do, with the exception of mine will be a splinter camo base as apposed to a single color RLM 71 base, and mine will be from 2 Staffel where this example is from I Gruppe:



I will be mounting this gear up, in-flight with a seated Luftwaffe pilot, mounted on a clear rod, then on a shiny black base. Im going to TRY to have this done for the Omacon show next month on the 16th of June, but im not 100% sure I can pull it off.
It will be easier as I wont have to deal with any gear, or cutting the canopy, but adding the clear mounting rod, and adding in the time I will need to augment the spinning wing arrangement with brass tube and bearings like I want may take longer than I think.

Heres what Im starting with:



Sturdy card-board box contains all parts. Not very big (Note CA bottle for size reference) but quite weighty:









The resin/mold quality is not the best...................but definitely not the worst. It has little tiny nubules all over it like it contracted chicken pox, but this should be easily remedied by a sanding stick and any modeler with average skills.















Unlike the previously reviewed sample of this model my wings were not stuck together, but did have the chicken pox bad. There is also no twist in the M&M Triebflügel wings, and Im thinking of using the hot-water method to encourage a bit of twist for some visual interest:












Nice detailing inside the jet/ram-jet:









You get the Captain America - Hydra/Red Skull decals, along with a simple assortment of Gruppe/Staffel decals along with some Luftwaffe Balkenkreuz, and Hakenkreuz. I may augment these later from my spares drawer:











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There IS a significant amount of resin shrinkage in the middle section on the spinning wing support plug. I already have a plan for this however. It will actually be quite an impressive size (and weight!) when done, with the wide 3 wing spread:












Vertical and horizontal stabilizers:









Tail cone and misc details:












Cut steel rods for re-enforcement of the wings and gear:









Finally we have the instructions................................all 1.2 pages of them (this page and 1 SMALL illustration on the previous page):









I forgot to get some pics of the cockpit, IP and canopies, which are actually decent, and will be a nice base to fairly simple idea I have for the pit.

Ill post those when I can here.



Thanks for looking in on this weird thing of mine................








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Allright Brian......Here you go again......


This bird ia Ugly and i mean it, But its real cool too, i admit i hate and love this rare experimental one lol....


And im going to follow this one closely....Yep....


se your magic turn this one in to a beauty....


so keep em coming Brian even the small updates, im looking forward to see this one come alive......



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