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October 27, 1967, Mission To Hanoi: VA-196 A-6A (12/26 Update)

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Great stuff.


Co-author Peter Davies and I were in touch with Phil Waters in 1986, when compiling A-6 Intruder/Prowler for Ian Allan Publications' Modern Combat Aircraft series.

Phil Waters wrote up some great stuff for the book. BTW, he called his pilot Brian Bryans "B2" (B-squared)




I've got that book (along with this Osprey title), earmarked for a future purchase.

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First update: I've completed painting the cockpit, applying a wash and light drybrush. Captain Bryans confirmed that the seats were orange, and I used the Retrokit GRU-5's. Now I need to add the matte clear.










I've also been working on the intakes. As noted elsewhere, the fit of the intakes to the engine assembly isn't that great. Since I wasn't displaying the engine, and I hate filling seams, I found a couple of irrigation fittings that were the right diameter. After I cut them to length they were an improvement:






Thanks for looking! Cheers,  Tom

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HI Tom,


I forgot to ask.


Is the big tube you added to the instrument panel on all A-6A's?



Ted, I'm not sure, but all the accounts of the B/N's that I've read from this period reference using a hood.


Cheers, Tom

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