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  1. Way to go Mark! It would have been all too easy to just pack in the project and wait for the Wingnut kit. I look forward to your changes to make the Ursinus. Ted
  2. Hi Iain, I would certainly be interested in a wing kit, although the .pdf former templates and following your build thread would work too, as I know you're a pretty busy guy...lol I'm ordering the Airscale IP kit today so that I can get to work on the interior. Question for you. Can the spar be glued into place and then modified to deal with the wing change after the fuselage is together? Looking forward to your build and fixes. Talk to you soon, Ted
  3. Hi Iain, Marvellous mathematical work! Will you be posting the profiles once you have time to prepare them? I've glued the tail plane pieces together on my '24 (sort of sneaking up on it from the back end...lol) and I'm looking forward to working up my wings based on your calculations! Ted
  4. Hi Guys, I have a set of decals coming to do the Oregon ANG 75th Anniversary paint scheme, but my Tamiya F15C kits are buried in a storage locker. I know where I can pick up a Tamiya F15J kit for a reasonable price. Is there much difference in what is included in the kit box that would prevent me from using the J kit in place of a C kit? Ted
  5. Thanks for the camera port information Michael. Except for choosing a colour for the ports that should make things a little easier in that area. I'm hoping to get some more done on the kit and post some pictures tomorrow. Talk to you later, Ted
  6. Perfect! Thanks Andy! That answers any questions that I had. Nice work too! So I just have to fill in the hole behind the belly camera ports which I had opened up before I purchased the conversion. Talk to you soon, Ted
  7. Thanks Andy, Yes, I think that I will be following the advice of Carl and you by just using the parts that Tamiya has for the wings. Hope to get some interior stuff done in the next couple of days so that I can post some progress. Would like to find a couple of cockpit shots to see where the piece for the gun sight replacement sits. I'm not sure from looking at the photo in the conversion instructions exactly what they want you to do. Talk to you soon, Ted
  8. Another shot. Not much done yet. Took the pictures more to practice using Imgur and posting.
  9. Here's a shot with all of the conversion parts spread out and the bit of work that I have done on the Mk VIII being converted.
  10. Thanks Paul, I'm hoping for it to be fun. I've had the conversion for a while and this seemed like the perfect place to start it! Thanks for the heads up Carl, I'll keep your advice in mind when I get to those spots. Talk to you later, Ted
  11. I'm using a Tamiya Spitfire Mk VII kit with the Alley Cat conversion. If I can get the grey codes, I'd like to do an aircraft flown by F/L Larry Seath who flew over the Channel on D-Day with 400 Squadron. Ted
  12. Hi Guys, I'd like to add a PR Mk XI Spitfire to the build. I'll even add a picture once I get sorted out how to do that again...lol Ted Barrett
  13. Yes, that is one of the great things about this hobby. You can enjoy reminiscing about the older days and can actually get copies of many of the old kits if you want to do a "nostalgia" build. I have to finish off an Italeri F-35 before I get going on the B-17, but will start it as soon as I can. In the meantime I'll order the Zotz decals. Talk to you soon David, Ted
  14. Thanks for the information David. I think that I will be ordering the Zotz decals and then with research online I should be able to get to work on the kit. I've always had a soft spot for the Memphis Belle ever since getting the old Revell (new back then) 1/72 kit back in '67 for Christmas. It and a Revell Oscar were opened on Christmas day and finished (no paint and if memory serves me right no decals) by the end of boxing day. Almost broke my neck running up and down the stairs "flying" them...lol Talk to you soon, Ted
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