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October 27, 1967, Mission To Hanoi: VA-196 A-6A (12/26 Update)

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I must apologize: I am withdrawing from this group build, and you deserve an explanation. First, I WILL be finishing this build, but not by a deadline. I have a lot of time and emotion invested in this. My motivation started to lapse several months ago when I had to rework the cockpit details I had put in to add the requested Pilot and B/N figures, something I don't normally put in my builds. Also, adding the loadout is something I don't normally do, and assembling, cleaning up, and detailing 22 Mk.82 bombs had me cutting corners, which this build does not deserve. It's my first group build, and I also realized that my building is better without time constraints (why I've turned down commission offers). This build deserves the absolute best out of me. I believe I will finish it before May, but I need the creativity to motivate me, not the other way around. Thanks for sticking with me, and I will be sharing the remainder of my build.


Sincerely, Tom

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At long last I am building this aircraft again. However, since I simply do not have the room for a 1/32 Intruder any longer, I am building the Hobby Boss 1/48 kit, which is essentially a scaled down version of the Trumpeter kit, with the same corrections needed. This time I have the Quinta cockpit set and other additions. If you're interested, head on over to the Non-LSP forum!


Cheers,  Tom

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