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Intruder "just the finish"!

P Stoner

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After this kit fell from the heavens, everything else was pretty much benched! This is a OOB build so I didn't want to flood the boards with what's already going on.



First off the build was very good and I have to admit this is a solid model and I'm sure one the aftermarket bugs are worked out this will be a great looking display. Since the decals in the kit are lacking to say the least, but that subject is going on else where! I like building CAG or "the Boss's" birds, so the first build I chose to go with VA- 145 NG500, 1969. #16 if you have the Osprey book.




I'll paint the green stripes and the CAG rudder and use most of the decals from the kit. Tamiya's F-4EJ kit has some great numbers that are close if not the same size needed.



So first a good coat of primmer and a once over before a bit of preshading! I like to go dark at first and build the white up along the process.






Now some white on the underside, building it up as I go. All paint used is Model Master enamels, some Future as a decal seal coat.






I'll try to fix my lighting in the shop so I can get some brighter pictures. I like to use flats with some clear mixed so I can thin it down with out the flat wanting to clump, seems to work well for me. I go straight color on the first coat not covering up the preshade as much as I can. Then add white to the mix thinning more, several times to give the panels a shaded look.






Next I'll go back in with the white and lighten things down a bit more and clean things up a bit. Then I'll tackle the color on the tail to make it a unit CAG bird, and I'll try to get some more light on the pics.




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This looks awesome so far! Your paint scheme is coming along really nicely. Should look cool with the markings you've chosen. Hopefully some company will release new decal sheets soon enough for some more options.





Matt :frantic:

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Oww yess... Seeing your A-6 really makes me want to build one as well. Paint work is very well done and I like the colourfull markings you have chosen. And the metal speedbrake will be a nice touch too!


Thanks for posting this!



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Little progress on the tail section. So far the last couple days have been good paint days!






Medium Green just wasn't doing it, so I mixed a bit of Forest Green till I was happy with it!





With the black borders things look good. Next the NG and numbers.






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