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Breguet 691 / 693, project 1/32 scale resin

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I am glad you are still here and going on your project. What about some new pictures from your progress.

Don't forget the Dassault Rafale 1/32, it will bring a lot of interest, not only from french aircrafts lovers.

Thanks, cordially.

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I do not forget this project.
I have difficulty to find a good method to mold the nacelles.
I cut out the forward cowl. this one will be easy to mold.
The rear part will be hard...
the thickness is too thin, I will increase it with wax sheet as i made for the fwd cowl



what you see on the nacelle (left) is not the thickness of plastic but the stiffener cemented along the edges.

On cowling at right, we can see the real thickness ( around .02)




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I finished to covered the inner of the nacelle;
the calibrated wax sheet is not easy to use. They are tacky and too difficult to put in place because they bond to the finger. After a long fighting, the strips of wax are at their place, 
Now, it must to cut the excess. have you try to cut an bubble gum? it 's same.
A paraffin was be added to wax, for this reason, it is very tacky.
The advantage is to increase and obtain a regular thickness 
Now, this is finish, i began to put the nacelle in clay to mold the first part





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Someone asked if the wing need stiffener in the casting.
One year ago I have cast this wing and clamp the wing root horizontaly then
 forget it in the garage.
6 °c in winter to 30° in summer.
Twelve months later, the sprue (5x5mm) is curved but the wing is always straight despite no stiffener.


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Today, the nacelles before pouring silicone rubber. The molds will be in two parts fitted together as for the engine cowling and rear cowling.

When these molds will be made, the hard part will be done (pray for cast resin is easy and good in these mold)



I really appreciate you showing these in-progress shots.  It helps us learn more about the process of resin casting & silicone molding. Thank you!

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Front fairing, the first test resin casting. There is one bubble on radiator surface but I hope that following castings will be free bubble.
the mold conception is not perfect as I want and it's not easy to pour resin into, but I must do it in any maner. This necessite more time only.
At left, the sprue was sawn. The sprue is hollow just near the fairing, so it is easy to sawn along the groove around the sprue.

Next time, the nacelles, their mold is made.


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