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  1. there were several method - rubber sheet(Wondergrip) bonded on skin: , D520, MS 406, hawker Typhoon - carborundum & formica powder bonded: H 75 early, F4U...("brush coat of black walkway cement....sprinkle the wet surface evenly with a full coat of No. 36 Carborundum grit...ermove surplus carborundum with 15-20lbs air pressure...seal the grit surface by applying one full spray coat of black walkway cement thinned.... - Linoleum(Green Aero Floor) bonded: P36/H75, H81/87/P 40s... - Abrasive cloth(Tri-mite) bonded: NA-T6.... - non skid paint(smoother):NA-T6, P 51, P 39...
  2. Great work on an interesting subject. The headrest cushion was pine green color(NAA) and the firewall in stainless was bare metal.
  3. there was also a luminous bead model for the P38; the mast, steel tube, contains a plexiglas core and there was a bulb at the bottom. At the top the bead was painted except the part facing to the pilot. I don't know if this model was finally used on P38. About the P40, the P40E had not auxiliary sight. bead and ring sight were installed from E1 to N(on N model, the ring was replaced by an ellipse engraved on the bullet proof windshield)
  4. I don't found for P40. On the B25, P38, P51, the bead sight was painted in bright red, And on P47 the ball is dull black and remainder camo color
  5. it seems that bead and ring are burn metal color. The technical drawing don't precise a finish paint coat but heat treat only.
  6. on P36A & C, the illuminator of N2A gunsight was hanged below the instrument panel and the rectangular glass was screwed on the windscreen. you put the stick in reverse position!
  7. Seen on french hawk 75 A2(or A3)wreckage, the "cockpit green" over the Lionoil Prussian Blue shop coat. interior of fuselage, right side , between firewall and frame 3, the parts in stainless steel are plate of firewall and ammo chute it seems there was no louvre on rear top cowling of US P36 if there was not finish paint, is the Lionoil was removed? No sure, in this cas the color of cockpit would be blue and not bare metal.
  8. why the walkway edge has a waves?. it's a strip of linoleum bonded on the wing and the edges are secured by a binding strip screwed into the wing
  9. Some parts will be in 3D resin printing, example the propeller blades Ratier, clockwise and counterclockwise still wet, just after printing and before wash dry and after post curing
  10. to maintain a correct dihedral, I have made a jig then I bonded a stringer on inner side of top halves. In this manner, the fuselage is squeezed(the frame must be reduced in wide) On this pic yuo can see the stringer, a plastic stripe 0.15x0.15 https://lapatrouillesimple.forumgratuit.org/t101p50-p36-le-curtiss-model-75
  11. A7 had probably the same wing as A2 and up models with provision for two guns. If guns were not fitted, the sliding shutter of gun fairing was closed and ejection chute door replaced by a cover plate without hole. On SH model, the doors on top wing are too lenght, and ammo doors are missing at underside.
  12. the cockpit interior of french Hawk was painted in "cockpit green" over the shop coating of Lionoil Prussian Blue. here seen on H75A3, probably No 224, starboard side between frames 3 & 4 and windshield frame of H75A2 no 151, starboard with bracket to maintain the release canopy cable. The part in ZCY is a inner side of doubler of the fuselage door the grey card and background are grey, neutral chart 18% to set white balance and exposure. Your shade is near this cockpit green color
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