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  1. why the walkway edge has a waves?. it's a strip of linoleum bonded on the wing and the edges are secured by a binding strip screwed into the wing
  2. Some parts will be in 3D resin printing, example the propeller blades Ratier, clockwise and counterclockwise still wet, just after printing and before wash dry and after post curing
  3. to maintain a correct dihedral, I have made a jig then I bonded a stringer on inner side of top halves. In this manner, the fuselage is squeezed(the frame must be reduced in wide) On this pic yuo can see the stringer, a plastic stripe 0.15x0.15 https://lapatrouillesimple.forumgratuit.org/t101p50-p36-le-curtiss-model-75
  4. A7 had probably the same wing as A2 and up models with provision for two guns. If guns were not fitted, the sliding shutter of gun fairing was closed and ejection chute door replaced by a cover plate without hole. On SH model, the doors on top wing are too lenght, and ammo doors are missing at underside.
  5. the cockpit interior of french Hawk was painted in "cockpit green" over the shop coating of Lionoil Prussian Blue. here seen on H75A3, probably No 224, starboard side between frames 3 & 4 and windshield frame of H75A2 no 151, starboard with bracket to maintain the release canopy cable. The part in ZCY is a inner side of doubler of the fuselage door the grey card and background are grey, neutral chart 18% to set white balance and exposure. Your shade is near this cockpit green color
  6. under the wing, the keel fairing had the front edge rounded to create a gap between it and the engine cowl(outlet oil cooler). the end of keel fairing is at the trailing edge, it is too short on the SH model.
  7. H81(blue) Overlaid on H75 (black), the web(spar) no 4 at rear of wheel well, straight on H75 is "broken" on H81(and up)to permit the bigger wheel well.
  8. it's not sure that you can use the wheel pocket of P40 for H75, the wheel diameter is only 27" instead 30" on P40 You can close the hole in the frame behind the seat, there was a armor plate and if it not fitted there was a curtain.
  9. Morane Saulnier, read in the technical manual of MS 225, MS 405, MS 406 - 1ère couche: enduit incolore - pose des bandes crantées à l'enduit colle - 2 ème couche: enduit incolore - 3 ème couche: enduit kaki - 4 ème couche dite de lissage: enduit incolore Potez 631, - red dope, 4 coats (brush) then: elevator & ailerons - alu dope, 3 coats (spray) - clear dope, 1 coat (spray) - camo lacquer, 1 coat (spray) rudder - white lacquer, 1 coat, overall - bleu cocarde - blanc cocarde - rouge cocarde
  10. Thanks guys, today I try cast some parts, but the pot life of PU resin, initially 2.5min decrease under on minute because the warm weather. It's not enough long for pouring the resin in the mold and put it under pressure. After some test, I work at another part as the LDG struts.
  11. Thanks Maru, I duplicate the master of the canopy to have a homogeneous piece, the work will be easier to get a better result. I drill several holes that will receive brass rods. These rods(0,3 mm dia) removed from the future mold give vaccum vent holes. It's the same work as for the 1/48 FM canopy(below) . I try several material to made vacuformed canopies, the best is plexiglas sheet but it's more expensive than petg and styrene sheets. Tomorow, I will make the mold, the frame is ready. ....
  12. Thanks guys! six years, it would be fast and wonderful. I have an idiopathic slowdown(bradykinesie) that started at least three years ago and the sitting position is uncomfortable beyond ten minutes. I must to stand up or lie down Add to that the work on the new house the last two years the time goes fast.. The gestures are much slower and less strong and precise and the motivation is down, but posting here makes me want to continue and finish this project I have a design problem to fit the landing gear on firewall and this prevents t
  13. If you put the fishtail exhausts, the exhaust panel has not the gutter behind the last pipe, the panel is flat.
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