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  1. Thanks Maru! I should have so more updates on it soon. Cheers, Don
  2. Amazing detail as ever Jerry! Looking forward to the next update. Cheers, Don
  3. I bought my kit through e-Bay to save a few bucks or so I thought. It came in from Hong Kong. Probably on the bottom on the palette. Cheers, Don
  4. My box was the same and the seller put it into another box just as flimsy. Mostly fiddly bits like the pitot tube and the top fin were broken. Just a few extra parts to construct is all! Cheers, Don
  5. The Eduard set makes a huge difference over the stock cockpit. I would love to see the Ju88 built as an in flight model! Having all the crew members wearing oxygen masks would be an awesome sight through that big canopy. Go for it! A man of your talent could pull this off easily. Cheers, Don
  6. Thanks for the kind words everyone! I'm currently working on the wheel bay for the tail wheel. I'll be adding a bit of rib detail in there. Also finishing up the cockpit so I can get the fuselage joined up. More pics to come soon. Cheers, Don
  7. Thanks Shawn! I wasn't sure I could pull off the intake and exhaust but it turned out well in the end. Cheers, Don
  8. This is made by Skunk Models Workshop. Here is a link to the review. http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Rev4/3701-3800/rev3779-Skunkworks-Reaper-Johnson/00.shtm They also make the Global Hawk if the Reaper is not big enough for you. I don't have this one yet but I'm considering it. http://www.hyperscale.com/2010/reviews/kits/skunkmodels48009reviewbg_1.htm Cheers, Don
  9. You won't be disappointed! It makes for a quick build and it's definitely something different for the collection. Cheers, Don
  10. After seeing this kit built up I just had to get one. The fit is fantastic so far. The only trouble I've had is with broken parts due to rough handling during shipment. Apparently someone saw fit to run over my box with a steam roller! The sprues actually left an impression in the lid. I'll manage though and so far I'm enjoying this simple build. I plan on doing a small dio for it as well. The Reaper is big! Here it is next to my 1/32 Ju88. Aluminum tubing was crimped and stretched to form the intake and exhaust. Otherwise you will have no detail in here and will be able to see thr
  11. You've done a superb job as usual Ron. Beautiful Corsair! Cheers, Don
  12. This is easily one of my favorite builds of all time. You've done a magnificent build sir! Looking forward to the finished product. I wish someone would put out a kit like this for us mortals. Cheers, Don
  13. Simply amazing work Loic! That engine is just stunning. Keep up the fantastic work. Cheers, Don
  14. Cheers Richard! Now if I can only stay at the table long enough to finish something. Getting back was the easy part! Cheers, Don
  15. I've finally got some free time again so here is a little update on the 88. Some progress is better than no progress! The cockpit is still not glued in at this time as I'm working on the cicuit breaker boxes. I also plan to add a little detail to the tail wheel bay. Cheers, Don
  16. Speechless! This Hurricane has progressed into a museum piece. I learn a new build technique every time I look in here. Cheers, Don
  17. Fantastic work Loic! I really enjoy these types of builds and there's always something new to learn from them. Cheers, Don
  18. Thanks for the kind words guys! I'm getting much closer to finishing the complex cockpit now. At the moment I'm working on the seatbelts and adding all the levers and placards to the sides of the cockpit. I'll probably add some detail in the tail wheel bay also before I close it all up. I can't wait for it to start looking like an airplane! Here the station for the bombardier has been added. The wood panel is a pe piece from the Eduard set. I painted it desert yellow and then washed it with a burnt umber and ochre yellow oil paint mix. I still need to add the eyepiece to
  19. Still plugging away on the 88 cockpit. I'm working on the side walls now and hope to install it into the fuselage soon. Here is just a small update. MG magazines are by quickboost. I've drilled out all of the holes used to lighten up the various structures and added hydraulic lines to the rudder pedals.
  20. Magnificent! The weathering is just perfect.
  21. Beautiful! I really love those early jets.
  22. After taking a long break away from building I have decided to start fresh and build Revell's Ju 88A-1. Here is just the start of what I hope will turn into a nice model. I'll be using Montex masks and various resin and pe bits from Eduard and MDC. I've also got the Master barrles set for it. Should be a fun build. Here are some early progress shots. More will be coming soon.
  23. Another build I'll be following closely. One of these days I'll have a go at my kit.
  24. This is going to be another stunner! Watching this with much interest.
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