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  1. As like others please pass on my best wishes to Jerry and Judy as well as the rest of the EE staff...
  2. This...is my clear-the-bench kit....would be nice to see an Me-410 some day as well...
  3. My deepest condolences to Charles family...you will be missed dearly...
  4. Bill that's sure coming along nice...one of the best instrument panels I've ever seen...
  5. OK...how the heck did I miss this P-61 business? MBB I agree the Dutch guy is getting left far,far behind...I wish him success but man...a 1/32 P-61...I grew up (grew older) loving that old Monogram Black Widow in 1/48...now this...clear the bench time...
  6. Top-notch build and the weathering if perfect...nice and dirty...welcome to LSP by the way
  7. Very nice work on a very nice kit...the finish is perfect!
  8. I'm with Kevin on this one...I've used acrylics for as long as I can remember but a coat of primer is shot without exception as well.First off it shows any flaws you want to repair prior to painting but mainly it gives the paint something to hold on to.Just my two cents worth...
  9. Richard fantastic work on the Hurricane...that should be a great trip to Anchorage!
  10. Great work Bill...what photo etch is there for a 1/24 109?Didn't know of any on the market?
  11. F-82 and I'm in...but a Voodoo...I'm a prop guy but if you do a Voodoo I do a Voodoo...oh hell,it sounded good but you get the idea.
  12. Wow! Bill I've never seen that kit looking so good.Excellent detail work as usual.Great old kit...
  13. This should be interesting always enjoyed watching your builds Radu...very much
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