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German twin : Vac Do-335 nightfighter


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Mark, Harv,


many many thanks guys ;)


Shot a handfull of pics of the charger dry fitted to the engine (minus the rocker covers):








Next is the rear end of the engine... see you guys !

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Thanks Shawn :speak_cool:


I realised I talked about the difficulties of checking your work above but forgot to talk about my "tip" on this so here we go !


I actually use my kids toy: play-doh paste


It is very good cause it is not too greasy so it does not "dirt" your parts thought I recommand that you wash those with soap when you have completed your check before try to glue anything else on those.


They actually show you the negative of your work and any defect stand pretty good. I recommand to use a rather dark color (like brown) as it propose better contrast.


I shall shot a pic or two later.

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Here are 2 pic I purpusly shot.


It is not a good idea to have 2 prints into a single piece of paste but that was just to show you guys.

If you can see any small problem here, they will definatly show on the casted parts.

If you see nothing, you have a chance that it will be OK but the Play-doh paste is much more forgiving than the silicon...






This is the end for today, talk to you soon!

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What I find difficult with this engine build is that because it is intended to be casted (at least from me), it is not possible I think to use primer to check your work.


Outstanding work, Loic!


I'm curious about your thought about not priming because of casting. Have you had problems with RTV releasing from your primed pattern? My patterns are primed with highly thinned Mr. Surfacer 1200 (for modeling pieces)and sprayed with Ease Release 200 aerosol, never been any problems with molds releasing. I'd be happy to offer any assistance.






PS: I'm doing the casting for LSP's F4U-1 Cowling kit.

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Thanks guys ;)




the primer thing is more a fear than an actual experience infact...

I have very limited experience on casting which mainly is:

- a radial engine for my Ki-100 project

- a few pieces like tail and wheels for my Kate

- a few bits and piece for dioramas (drums, boxes, etc...)


Good to know it is possible !

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thanks very much for the encouragements.


I have been working on the rear area most of yesterday's evening and today.

This has to be a separate part for casting reasons.


I did not shot step by step pix :( , I was all into the build and did not think about it :blush:


So, this is what it looks like, hope you guys like it :











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Hi Loic,

Just been reading the posts since I have been away and :wow: very nice scratch building, as you know it is very addictive.

The engine is coming along brilliantly, just love the detail you are putting into it.




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I bet that you are really enjoying this exercise Loic?:)


There is no problem with a very light pass of acrylic auto aerosol primer or an aerosol can of Mr.Surfacer 1200 to check out your work at any point, sometimes it can actually be quite beneficial! Once complete, I always prime my master patterns with one of the above (mostly the acrylic primer - it can also be lightly buffed or polished if you so wish?).


The main difference between scratch building for yourself (i.e. Making 'one-offs') as opposed to producing something that is to be reproduced by moulding, is that the standard of everything you make (including the finish) has to be that much higher than you would normally expect or anticipate, otherwise, any flaws stand out right away in the casting.


Great work...keep stretching those skill horizons Loic :goodjob:



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