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  1. Hey guys, I'd like to build a North Vietnamese AF MiG-21PFM in 32nd scale, but there doesn't seem to be a kit other than the very old Revell offering. Can a Trumpeter offering be kit-bashed without a huge amount of work? I'm not really up on my Fishbed variants! Thanks, Fred K.
  2. For anyone else interested in this operation, I was able to cross reference two OPM A-7E's, and possibly a third. BuNo 157444 VA-94 NL 403 1972 from photo in mining brief BuNo 158675 VA-94 NL 404 19?? from photo in mining brief, but unable to positively confirm because of no time frame given, but should be '71/'72 BuNo 156820 VA-22 NL 304 19?? from photo sourced on the internet, but listed as an OPM jet, and shown w/Mk.52 mines. HTH, Fred K.
  3. I'll have a look Jari. Thanks again for all of your help! Fred.
  4. More great intel Jari, thanks! Fred K.
  5. I don't suppose that anyone knows any of the BuNo's of the A-7E's pictured with mines..... NL 403, NL 404, and NL 413??? Thanks, Fred.
  6. Ahhhh... beautiful! Thank you so much Jari! Finally some photo's to work from, and good intel too! Fred K.
  7. Huh..... The info that I came across said that the A-7E's carried four Mk.36 mines apiece. Regarding the mines over on Shapeways, I've been tempted to order, but in 32nd scale they're $30+ each. After shipping and all, that's about a $130 bomb load! I wonder if i could clone one in resin......
  8. I couldn't agree more! I like the F-20 too, but would much rather see a 32nd scale F-5A/B, Voodoo, 102 or 106. I'd pass on a 32nd F-20. Fred K.
  9. Very much some help,and an interesting read as well! Thanks, Fred K.
  10. Hi guys, I've had the itch to mine Haiphong Harbor (Operation Pocket Money) lately. Thus far it seems like information is pretty scant. Three A-6A's from VMA-AW-224, and six A-7E's from VA-22 & VA-94 carried out the mining on the morning of May 9th 1972, and effectively closed the harbor. The A-6A's used Mk. 52 mines, while the A-7E's used the older Mk. 36 mines, four per aircraft. I'd like to build either a VA-22 or VA-94 jet that flew the mission. I can get 3D printed mines, but the thing eluding me now is finding out the BuNo of the A-7's involved. Internet searches have provided general overviews of the operation, and a couple of pics of the mines under a VA-94 jet, but no overall pics of the jets with the mines. Does anyone have anything? Also, decals seem to be non-existant. I was thinking that I might be able to use a CAM Pro sheet with later VA-22 markings, and back date them (assuming that I can find a pic of a jet involved), but in the pics of this sheet that I've seen, the blue looks too light. Can anyone with the sheet in hand comment? Thanks in advance for your input! Fred K.
  11. Free time??? What's that???
  12. NSAWC #44, & 55 have been 32nd scale "Holy Grail" builds for me for a long time now..... ever since I shot them at NAS Fallon back in 2001. VFC-12 #00 recently got added to that exclusive list when they came out with that killer splinter scheme too A big thanks to Geoff at Furball for doing these up! Fred K.
  13. Nice to see some decals coming out for the KH kit! Fred K.
  14. Don't forget the 32nd scale T-1A Jayhawk kit...... only $1,100 USD. I'm guessing that they haven't sold any of those? Fred K.
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