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  1. That's what I understood, at least for the original Navy F-5E/Fs. Of course once the ex-USAF jets showed up, they did have radars. I just checked through my photo archive and came across a pic of F-5F 160966 landing, and it does not have the counterweight, so it would seem that what I had read about those three original Topgun F's not having the counterweight is indeed correct. HTH, Fred K.
  2. Hi, The counterweight is for the F-5F only , and is located at the very rear of the aircraft's underside just in front of the exhaust cans, in the groove between the engines. It is used to counter-balance the weight of the radar in those longer nose of the F. See the pic of the Swiss F in the link directly above this post. I have been told that the three original Topgun F's BuNo's 160964, 160965, & 160966 did not have the counter-balance weight due to the fact that they had their radar's removed, and the weight was not needed. HTH, Fred K.
  3. Any news regarding a resin cockpit set for the E or F? I heard that KASL was doing one, but have not heard anything more. These kits REALLY need cockpit sets, but it seems like they're being totally ignored. Maybe if we could convince Aires that they're really an F-14, or BF whatever..... Then there would be tons of resin released! Fred K.
  4. I found it rather disappointing. I was looking to place a pretty big order, figuring that they'd do 20% off of most items, but no luck. 20% off of H items does nothing for me :0( Though I'm sure it will make others happy. Fred K.
  5. Hey guys, I'd like to build a North Vietnamese AF MiG-21PFM in 32nd scale, but there doesn't seem to be a kit other than the very old Revell offering. Can a Trumpeter offering be kit-bashed without a huge amount of work? I'm not really up on my Fishbed variants! Thanks, Fred K.
  6. For anyone else interested in this operation, I was able to cross reference two OPM A-7E's, and possibly a third. BuNo 157444 VA-94 NL 403 1972 from photo in mining brief BuNo 158675 VA-94 NL 404 19?? from photo in mining brief, but unable to positively confirm because of no time frame given, but should be '71/'72 BuNo 156820 VA-22 NL 304 19?? from photo sourced on the internet, but listed as an OPM jet, and shown w/Mk.52 mines. HTH, Fred K.
  7. I'll have a look Jari. Thanks again for all of your help! Fred.
  8. More great intel Jari, thanks! Fred K.
  9. I don't suppose that anyone knows any of the BuNo's of the A-7E's pictured with mines..... NL 403, NL 404, and NL 413??? Thanks, Fred.
  10. Ahhhh... beautiful! Thank you so much Jari! Finally some photo's to work from, and good intel too! Fred K.
  11. Huh..... The info that I came across said that the A-7E's carried four Mk.36 mines apiece. Regarding the mines over on Shapeways, I've been tempted to order, but in 32nd scale they're $30+ each. After shipping and all, that's about a $130 bomb load! I wonder if i could clone one in resin......
  12. I couldn't agree more! I like the F-20 too, but would much rather see a 32nd scale F-5A/B, Voodoo, 102 or 106. I'd pass on a 32nd F-20. Fred K.
  13. Very much some help,and an interesting read as well! Thanks, Fred K.
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