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  1. Same weird logic of cutting have my Graphtec CraftRobo cutter, sometimes function "COMBINE" in Corel X4 helps to reduce randomly rolling and cutting here and there, sometimes not. After 5+ years of use, i still not have answer to this question. If someone have the answer , will gladly read it and learn something new.
  2. Try with Transfer film, from same producer, ORATAPE MT80 ot ORATAPE MT52.
  3. Thanx for the nice words, to all. Yes, full interior completed, despite more than a half will never be seen again. But i know what's inside... Wings, i do it separate, see the photo attached, connected with four 2,5mm steel wire pins. Canopy was made by instructions , and real plane wartime photos , no changes. Squaring wings and tail is troublesome , but in few dry fitting and adjusting steps , looks OK. Fuselage was little warped, but its thin, and with all the inner rib structure , fits more or less OK, need some superglue as a filer in some places. I love Walruses , build Airfix an Matchbox in 72, SMER in 50 and looking for new Airfix in 48. Uggly plane, but story behind its name is great. And, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  4. WALRUS build finished in march 2017. but not posted at LSP, till now ,
  5. Thanx for all the nice comments , i do my best to complete this Helldiver as such kit and subject deserves. In past few years i build few HPH kits and some other Large scale resin kits, and have no problem to build any of them with some basic modelling tools and techniques. Last two HPH kits i buid were Walrus and Helldiver, and both are built in some 6-7 months of work. Both are well engineered, perfectly casted, accurate and detailed , for kit produced in resin. Decals are good, in fact, pretty good for this Helldiver, with just Microscale decal set and coat of Pronto (Future) they copy all the tinny engravings and rivet lines. My main problem is photo etched set, i do not like it , its generally ( for any kit) too 2 dimensional for my taste. And Helldiver flaps assembly, drain last drop of modelling energy from me , i do not even want to remember how many times i leave this subasembly aside and leave it for a week or two , doing other less demanding builds , to cool down. I could recommend this kit , its not easy to build , it will take lot of time for parts cleaning and preparing for build , but main airframe build is pretty straightforward. Be prepared for lot of research as instructions is confuse in some parts, and some parts are skipped , i have few unidentified parts left , despite i checked all the steps of assembly instructions . But once you go to the painting and decalling, all the work pay's off, i do this in just three days, in 3-4 hrs sessions each day. And at the end , frustrating flaps build is main focus point on this kit, and this structure could not be build in any other way than photo etching. So, any one with lots of time, nerves and some money , should not hesitate to try this Helldiver build. Thanx again,
  6. Bombs and HVAR's assembled, HVAR fins replaced with 0.5mm thinn styrene sheet parts. And now, beatifuly casted canopy parts, removed from casting blocks, sanded and polished, and masked , inside and out, Primed with interior green and glued to fuselage, central canopy part was wrapped, so, need to be glued one side first, and after glue sets , with gentle "push" glued on other side, and, its spray time ... first, pre-shading then rest of paint scheme, applied, and decals glued, and, after 6 months , with stop and go work on this Czech produced HPH Helldiver , i could sat and relax with best Czech beer , KRUŠOVICE. Pics of assembled model, will be within a hour in Ready for inspection topic... here:
  7. Its time to finish this story, model contests are over,for this summer, in meantime i finished all the illustrations, technical drawings, color profiles and text for Rogožarski IK-3 book , published by KAGERO , week ago, http://sklep.kagero.pl/en/rogozarski-ik-3.html And was finally free to complete work on Helldiver, in past 2-3 weeks. After few try and fail attempts to made wings removable, which never looks good, i quit and glue it , and make living easier to me, and work on Helldiver continues . Then goes tailplane assembled and glued, Engine compartment, needs some trimming to fit well, Engine+cowling and PE cooling flaps superglued, Position and signal lights, glued, sanded, polished and framed with PE parts.
  8. Do some airbrushing mask for blue painted markings and PA-11 style paintwork, and print decals on my home laser , and clear decal film, and after painting and decaling, fuselage "coupling" tubular structure was made , from rounded styrene profiles. and Wagner Twin Piper , or Piper Bomber, is finished, more photos , RFI here: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=75401
  9. WIP here: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=66416&hl=wagner
  10. Paintwork started, Cockpits assembled, painted, use combined decal seat belts from some Revell 1/32 sailplanes. Fuselage assembly, in progress, Testing fuselage wing insert and horizontal stab assembly, from two halves of kit stab's, Main parts prior the paintwork, Canopy glazing masked with Oramask foil, Airbrushing ...
  11. Its time to finish this 18 months story. Main reason for delay is that i want to take good build shots for possible digital or printed publication, with brief history of Wagner TWIN Cub, tech data, history photos, scale drawings, paint schemes and details how to convert and build this Piper Bomber in 1/32 scale from two Revell Piper Super Cub kits. So, lets show the rest of build process, downgrading PA 18 Revell 1/32 scale kits to PA11 standard (port fuselage) and J-3 Cub shape ( starboard fuselage), initially tested with original Continental A-65 engine , but later upgraded to PA-11 85 HP engine and cowling. Engines assembled ,ready for paintwork. Pilot seats modified, to J-3 cub and PA 11 shapes, later sanded and painted, Wing insert , coupling two fuselages, measured, Sawn-off and glued Another pair of wings completed , To be continued...
  12. Well Juraj, hope we will meet at Plastikova, if this time we missed.
  13. Twin Piper is my work, finished night before trip to Bulldog fest, will complete this build photo story where it started, https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=66416&hl=wagner Just need to sort and resize build photos and take nice shots of built model, probably this weekend. Stay tuned.
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