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  1. Mail goes weird, these days. Bought kit from Russia, Eastern Express official distributor, EBAY store, Chelyabinsk, may 29th. Kit mailed May 30th. ( seller even provide photo of the parcel , packed and addressed) June 2nd was at St.Petersburg mailing hub. June 6th was sent abroad via Pulkovo St.Petersburg airport. fifty days later... July 27th item Arrived At Country Of Destination (as tracking say's ) - ITALIA - Poste Italiana... but, i'm from Serbia, and order it to my home address. So, another month or so of waiting, Keep calm and be patient.
  2. Sukhoi SU-7 1/48 OEZ - Restoring old model, built at the end of past century, as India AF Thunderbirds display team, survived few movings and shelf fallouts, now restored and completed as " Chosŏn inmin'gun hangkong mit banhangkonggun" - The Korean People's Army Air and Anti-Air Force Su-7s (Su-7BMK) based at Sunchon . 20+ were delivered from SSSR in late 1970's. Kit parts before rebuild started. Only five photos/movie screenshots found, And quick restoring build results,
  3. Or fly, 37 years ago... those were the days.
  4. Soko J-22 ORAO 1/48 AEROPOXY resin 238. Fighter/Bomber squadron, Cerklje ob Krki , late 1980's Lift Here decals
  5. Soko G-4 Super Galeb 1/48 AEROPOXY resin , another COVID19 build. Yugoslav AF pilots academy, ZADAR, 1980's. Lift Here decals [Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/H1fuumw.jpg)
  6. UTVA 75 1/48 AEROPOXY resin , built durring COVID19 times. Yugoslav AF pilots academy, ZADAR, 1980's. Lift Here decals
  7. Ikarus IK-2 + Rogožarski IK-3 - 1/48 AEROPOXY Old, early 2000's resin kits, out of production for a while. Quick build from stash. Both kits, IK-2 and IK-3 are out of production for a while, but just work on new remastered and retooled IK2 / IK-3 , using latest published research and data, printed in Kagero books, Thanx for looking.
  8. Thank you chaps, And yes, Ken, its free for publishing, RGDS
  9. Well, at the end, must explain, why not follow the LUKGRAPH painting and decalling instructions , and chose yellow top wing scheme. First, its more colorful , and to me, represents 1930's Naval aviation "standard". So, i do little research and found , that 7738 , from CV-2, USS Lexington, 1931/32, have few paint scheme incarnations , after some overhauls, and in part of its service life, have yellow topsides, clearly shown at this photo, where wing topside is darker than silver undersides. 7738 photos found at Papermodels forum, explaining source of these pics.
  10. Boeing F3B-1 Command Aircraft by LUKGRAPH bought at 2019. Moson model show , at LUKGRAPH stand , waited till Jan.2020 to start work on it , Overall, nicely enginered , well casted and finely detailed , one of easiest to build resin kits i work on, and i build it a lot , to mention just few labels , Preiser, MDC/RB, HPH, Legato, Fisher, Omega, Planet, NKR, Montex ... Not counting my own, Aeropoxy range kits... (they are out of contention) :-( Starting by the book, nice illustrated 16 pages A4 instruction. Cleaning and assembling,
  11. Same weird logic of cutting have my Graphtec CraftRobo cutter, sometimes function "COMBINE" in Corel X4 helps to reduce randomly rolling and cutting here and there, sometimes not. After 5+ years of use, i still not have answer to this question. If someone have the answer , will gladly read it and learn something new.
  12. Thanx for the nice words, to all. Yes, full interior completed, despite more than a half will never be seen again. But i know what's inside... Wings, i do it separate, see the photo attached, connected with four 2,5mm steel wire pins. Canopy was made by instructions , and real plane wartime photos , no changes. Squaring wings and tail is troublesome , but in few dry fitting and adjusting steps , looks OK. Fuselage was little warped, but its thin, and with all the inner rib structure , fits more or less OK, need some superglue as a filer in some place
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