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  1. https://www.shapeways.com/product/XQN8239SV/48-h0042-jet-blast-deflector-for-modern-carrier-1
  2. Well, my sample was bought from a friend, year ago, for a 30 bucks. And this kit is still in production, priced less than 20 EUR, by REIFRA, Germany https://www.reifra.de/detail/index/sArticle/8450
  3. VOSTOK 1 / Vostok-3KA #3 Гагарин Юрий Алексеевич 1:25 VEB PLasticart-Master Modell spaceship Within a month , april 12th , it will be a full 60 years since the first manned space flight, so i decide to commemorate this effort with my quick build. Old , good ($@&%@)Veb Plasticart, 1990s in Master Modell boxing, started few months ago, was on hold, but finished in less than week. This is my third VEB Plasticart VOSTOK build. The first was in the late seventies, the second in 1985, the third in the year of COVID 19. The model is basic, with many problems , duri
  4. Thanx, Few better (but not good enough) photos for gallery, 9 days build officially completed. Regards,
  5. Work on this Blanik model, just finished, Decals printed (Corel draw, home laser printer and clear decal paper) and applied, And few photos while decals still drying, just to meet deadline for this group build... More photos tomorrow, when set the photo background . Cheers
  6. Yesterday's (night) work, Fuselage details, winch start hook and radio antenna base made, Fuselage core halves are joined externally , with riveted , 10-15mm wide strips, so i use 0.3 mm styrene rod to simulate this , Top and bottom, Yesterday evening, airbrushing begins and was done this morning, painting rudders , flaps and ailerons, they are metal frames, fabric covered and are gloss silver painted, Need to mask and spray fuselage
  7. Black base coat, for NMF, just applied, drying for a few hours , Alu/Chrome/Silver will follow,
  8. Today's progress, Cockpit detailed and finished, Clear canopy trimmed, and glued (epoxied) , done on a 2nd try, (thanx Planet Models for two clear vacuformed canopies), Canopy masked, fuselage primed, Drilled holes for the steel wire wing-fuse joint, its weak spot of this kit, so i prefer to make modification, Completed airframe, primed with MrSurfacer, will rest and dry till tomorrow , painting & decaling day. Hope will finish this build on time, Feb 28th , and post
  9. So, weekend and two more days gone, and lot of work was done, All the parts removed from casting blocks, sanded and cleaned, steel wire inserted in tailplane parts , for stronger bond, Cockpit painted, ready for fuselage assembly, Instro panels ready for assembly, tinny details added to cockpit walls, Scribed missing panel lines on tailplane tips , Wings and tail parts wet sanded and polished, and applied thin coat of MrSurfacer, Kit
  10. Better late than never... Ready for a quick build, simple glider, great resin cast, hope will be completed on time, ... 9 days to go. Yesterday i got 2nd shot of Pfizer vaccine and have nothing better to do in next 10 days , raising antiboddies and gluing model kits ... Will be my first bird, from august 1982. L-13 Blanik YU-5326. Let's modeling begin.
  11. KWIK FLY MK III , original Graupner kit, 1988. , with gold head OS MAX 60, later with MDS 10 RU. flown with Graupner E8 27 MHz SSM/AM CH14 radio ,my first one, bought in 1984. [img]https://i.imgur.com/Hfzi7gq.jpg[/img]
  12. Aeromodelling since 1976. Control line (F2b) and Free Flight (F1A) . Switched to RC in 1983 , all the kind of flying, from glider to helicopters. past 15 years, electrics mostly, and love to do aerial shots ... Graupner Chico , electric version, scratchbuilt from the plans. Graupner BETA sailplane , electric version, scratchbuilt from the plans. Electric control line re-built soviet CL model kit from 1978. My current RC fleet, summer 2020. R
  13. Sukhoi SU-7 1/48 OEZ - Restoring old model, built at the end of past century, as India AF Thunderbirds display team, survived few movings and shelf fallouts, now restored and completed as " Chosŏn inmin'gun hangkong mit banhangkonggun" - The Korean People's Army Air and Anti-Air Force Su-7s (Su-7BMK) based at Sunchon . 20+ were delivered from SSSR in late 1970's. Kit parts before rebuild started. Only five photos/movie screenshots found, And quick restoring build results,
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