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  1. Back in the early 60's aboard the old Wasp, if you stood the mid watch you were given ham or cold cuts and cheese sandwiches. They were referred to as "mid-rats". They sure went down good. Nobody complained.
  2. I'm thinking, and this is just me thinking, that the drop tank was purposely reversed to reduce aerodynamic drag. If so, not sure if it would have made that much difference.
  3. Wow, cuffed props in Korea. That's nice to know. My preference.
  4. +1 A very neglected subject indeed. I'd buy. I would have to learn to foil for that one.
  5. The oleo's would have to be fully extended. Some surgery would be required there. Not sure about the rest. Name's Pat
  6. Thanks Ron. Must have. I would like to do a simple -3 conversion Doesn't seem to difficult. Hope the AM guys are reading this. Name's Pat
  7. Woopee fart, another 109. That's all we needed. I will resume my wishing now. Sorry, I just can't get excited about anything WWII German. I guess I'm in the minority, and a bit frustrated. Oh well, my credit card is safe for now. They ain't getting any of my money.
  8. Or better still, how about mating the nose of the recent revell Mustang. That might work out evan better. I've been chewing that one around for awhile, but just don't have the gumption. That would truly be a world of hurt. That trumpeter nose is an abortion.
  9. That side insignia is huge! Don't recall seeing one that big before on a 24 Does anyone know the diameter of the roundel part? I'm thinking Jennings might know. That's one of his specialties. Come to think of it, I would love to see Fundekals do a dissertation on B-24's and their markings just like they did with the Corsair and have decals to match. A ton of research would be required I'm sure. Just a thought.
  10. Nope, can't do that. Just cannot get past all it's flaws. I'll wait for a more decent offering which will surely come sooner or later. I'm in no hurry.
  11. Not tempted at all simply because I will buy one after all the hoopla subsides. I'm already thinking of backdating it to a dash 3 with tri color paint. Think of all the possibilities. Don't like the sharks teeth though. This guy has been on my 1/24th wish list for a long, long time. Thanks Airfix. From the looks of it, it will be up to the same standards as the Typhoon. Not to worry Airfix, these are going to fly off the selves I'm sure. I'm hoping a Corsair will follow. But who knows. Those Airfix guys are so tight lipped. Like the Typhoon, this was indeed a pleasant surprise. Hoping for another pleasant surprise later on.
  12. Me. I'll just keep waiting. No hurry. Too much other stuff to do in the meantime. It's still a sow's ear IMHO, no matter how you try to dress it up. It's the old lipstick on a pig scenario, or whatever. Wish someone would do a nose plug for the old Revell B/C kit. I'd be satisfied with that. I'm sure they would sell. Lots of the old Revell kits around gathering dust on modeler's shelves, several in my stash..
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