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  1. KEi

    1/32 F-22

    Love to have it in kit form but in my opinion, it is not appealing to the mass market due to: Lack of color scheme which model makers can rebox them ( Academy F-16s) Sole user is USAF which does not provide incentive to makers (Tamiya, Italeri) to produce them since it will not create a craze to their local market Overshadowed by F-35 in terms of exposure in media, does make a impact of "i want to build that plane after seeing this" I also didnt see alot of them being built in other scales. Just my opinion and 2 cents with no intent of any impoliteness
  2. KEi

    Trumpeter Replacement Parts Info

    Hi, Just want to add my experience with them. Send them a request and response was the next working day. very efficient. Overall, this service is excellent. Pay them via paypal via the above discussed paypal account and they confirmed payment was completed. Now waiting for the items to arrived.
  3. KEi

    F-104G Belgian air force

    Wow.....thats alot alot of aftermarket item ! ... Cant wait to see the upcoming progress.....
  4. Amazing work you got there and you build things very quick and well too Kinetic's instruction was scanned from Academy, if you need clearer ones, you can use Academy F/A-18D...(abit different from the B version) Can be download from here http://www.academy.co.kr/6q/board_news_main.asp?pMenuId=BOARD00008&pCode=7899&pCategory=PLA
  5. KEi

    F-15E --- 1/32 --- Tamiya

  6. KEi

    1/32 Tamiya F-15I Ra´am

    Looking forward to your build !
  7. Great job ! I'm a frequent visitor to your website and follow most of your 1/32 builds. Excellent work !!
  8. KEi

    Hello Everyone

    Great build ! !
  9. WOW ! ! WOW ! ! more photos please
  10. Welcome I will following your build Have fun !
  11. KEi

    MIG-29K Sea Fulcrum Complete

    Wow.... nice looking and your hanger is impressive
  12. Superb !! Looking at this thread closely...
  13. KEi

    F-8E(FN) Crusader

    Good looking gunfighter you got there... Will you be adding a pair of Magics to it soon?
  14. KEi

    1/32 F-15E (Tamiya)

    The decal from Tamiya and didnt settle down without a fight. So I cut the decal along the bumps allowing the decal to conform to it and apply alot of MircoSol and Gunze Sangyo Softer. I did some paint touch up on the tiger stripes with custom mix orange color, while some black stripes are redrawn with 0.2mm marker. Personally I dont have a good experience with the Tamiya decals. Thanks for your comments