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  1. Thanks for the photo, I also had Avionix gear bay which I will use your photo as reference. Your work is superb
  2. Superb looking work you had there WOW Also the list of aftermarket used is also WOW
  3. Very interested in this product. Keep us posted. Thanks
  4. Glad to know your Tomcat project is still on-going. Cant wait to see your progress.
  5. Amazing work and to know it was painted is stunning !!
  6. Very nice and well built ! looking forward for more photos !
  7. Another wonderful model you had made Very excellent !
  8. wonderful looking ...looking towards its completion
  9. Wow, very colorful. May I know which deals you use for this ?
  10. love the camo and its a looker !
  11. Wow..stunning and this is surely an eye catcher !
  12. Another level of expert ! ... Will be watching it closely
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