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  1. That make a lot of sense when building up the nacelle without the full engine ! Many thanks for sharing the details Tom . . . cheers Ian
  2. Coningsby is not that far from me, about an hours drive, so I take an interest in the local airfields and aircraft . . . Will be watching with interest if I may . . . Good luck with the build Ian
  3. Excellent detailing with those stains, particularly like the oil/soot stained nuts on the Hurri . . . thanks for sharing the photos Andy Ian
  4. Just note how 'dirty' the aircraft looks with the paint work being patchy in appearance and also interesting is the letter 'N' is in the process of a re-paint or being made smaller ?? Great photos like this make modelling a challenge to get it right . . . . Ian
  5. Vera carries it in position and I would say that Sugar carried it as it was a mod. introduced in '45 I hope this helps Kai cheers, Ian
  6. Tom To answer your questions: It was usual to carry the rudder insignia marking on both sides of them I suspect that the main wing roundels have had a large white circle added and emanating from the centre red. The thing on the starboard side above the wing root is the new cabin air intake, I believe the very same thing is on 'Vera' Most Canadian Lancasters had a FULL gloss nose section, quite common on that particular production batch. I love what you have done with the new mid-upper gun turret position. The copper strip is a great use and it could double
  7. Morning Andy On the cockpit floor I am aware that they are covers for the bomb winches but have you info as to their actual location as I think I would like to add a couple or three . . . many thanks Ian
  8. Andy I dont know if you are aware but on the starboard side of the cockpit there is no need for the ASI position so can I suggest you scrape it off and fill the hole ?? I'm impressed with your scratch building and additional detailing, I look forward to seeing more. I obtained the David Brown tractor from Iconicair and the detailing is spot on, I scratch built the bomb trolleys . . . . Ian
  9. I love it when the aircraft gets viewed, cameras galore come out . . . I did exactly the same when' Vera' was based at Kirmington (Humberside International) in 2014. A group of us went to the airfield for a talk given by a chap and after the talk we were invited to go over to the Lancaster. Probably about 35 people had the aircraft to ourselves . . . . My lucky day Ian
  10. As yet I cant see any icons to say 'Thank you' for your welcomes . . . best rgds Ian
  11. Tom I have a 72nd scale version of the 'Sugar Blues' artwork if you need a reference then I could simply photograph it and post. I am thinking it may give you some accurate colour unless you know the artwork first shown to be correct . . . I know a chap over here who takes great delight in drawing up artwork what ever scale. . . . Here are a few that he did for me . . . The actual artwork on the aircraft The reproduction graphics On the model The original Esci decals ...72nd scale The updated ve
  12. Tom I think that the fairing for the Martin turrets looks really good. I would be interested in knowing how you covered over the original turret hole ? I trust you didnt 'cheat' and use a dambuster top cover ?? Keep at it, I think you've got something there . . . . rgds Ian
  13. Is this going to be a 'commercial' product? ie available to fellow modellers ??
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