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  1. Happy birthday,and may the years treat you kindly and many more. Pappy1
  2. Forgive me for my lousy typing the opening should have been DEAR not DEATH sorry about that. Pappy1
  3. Death R Palimaka I don’t think you had a rant at all,matter of fact. I thought it was very touching. Thanks so much for taking the time to share this with us all. I have noticed several people have the same feeling That I do about the loss of this greatest generation, and also much regret in past years for talking with vets and not trying to record,or even keep in touch with them. lf you have ever seen Halseys Typhoon on the history channel, one of the sailors from the USS Hull Patrick Doohan . I had met him several times at the Sunnyside post office of all places, here in Fresno, and never thought to ask him if he wanted to get a cup of coffee, or something. I was to wraped upon my daily life. Sadly Patrick passed away in 2015 another piece of history gone. on the brighter side I went to the mid Atlantic air museum, and they are having their 31st annual D Day this June . They have about 26 Ww2 vets coming as guest speakers, and 1 of them is a Lanc pilot from RAF Bomber command who flew missions to France ,as well as Germany.WOW. Their web site did say that personal health, as well as the weather could affect the final number who show, but anyway some will be there,I know I will be there for the full 3 days. Thanks go out to Kwagmyre, thanks for the tip. Check out the web site if you get a chance. Pappy1
  4. Well I probably should have clarified my statement I unlike most people consider all people of the earth as one (especially since it was a World War I guess I should have listed each country involved during the 1938 through 1945 war all vets be they allied,or axis) They (the vets )all have valuable and interesting information that will soon be gone. I am aware of the covid problem also, but I have seen somethings by different groups (no not 100 year old veterans) where they have done some get togethers online and face time although on a small scale. I know that the U.S. Airforce museum is planning a 15th. Airforce heavy bomb groups, symposium in September. The screening to get in is strict and there may not be any WW2 vets(from any countries) there unless they possibly live in the general area. I thought if anyone new something it might be someone from LSP sorry if I ruffled someone’s feathers,but I really don’t recall mentioning any country ,I felt that by saying our vets , anyone reading the post would think of their own vets or ones that they had known. Have a a nice day Pappy1
  5. No l don’t mean little green men, however l recently read that our WW2vets are passing at a rate of 240 to 320 a day. I have been fortunate enough to have met several of them. However the older I get I realize time is running out. I wanted to ask your help fellow lsp members to ask if anyone knows of any air shows,or reunions, where it still may be possible to meet some of our remaining Vets from WW2 while there are still some left. Thank you all for any help you can offer. Pappy1
  6. Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated...........pappy1
  7. Is this bird still on the list of hopefuls and any idea when we might see some out. I know I’m down for two at least.Ive been waiting right here for one and a devastator also. Still hoping...........pappy1
  8. Does anybody know if HK Models has any plans to make a earlier version of the B-24 with the full clear nose & no front turret this is really my favorite B-24. Thanks for any info. Pappy1
  9. So Sad but a great story of human determination when all hope seems gone. Rest in peace Lady's Men.
  10. Yes . I still have not been able to retrieve my Devastators from the ocean floor near midway and I've given up hope on one from Trump. I would love a B-24 D but I wont hold my breath.
  11. Well like the rest of us I'm, very excited about the upcoming releases. However it appears by the lack of response to the "what about the TBD" question that it is a not to be. I like all aircraft (Military mainly) but especially WW2 U.S. Navy .I'm so happy with the new Helldiver and bird cage corsair. I also have the Dauntless and Wildcat, Hellcat and TBF With my purchase of the King Fisher os2u a TBD would really round things out. I would also like to see some Japanese Navy WW2 dive and torpedo bombers (Kate ,Val ) to go with the beautiful fighter releases the past year. Has anyone heard any tid bits from the hotline.
  12. Now I can put my Vacuform one up And wait for this beauty. My only question now is WHEN WILL I GET MY T.B.D. DEVASTATOR! (and a Japanese Kate or a Val would be very sweet) Pappy1
  13. Amen Brother Pappy. THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP EVERYONE..
  14. Hi. I have been trying to find and buy a Silver Wings CR42 from a U.S. based hobby store but so I've only found Hannants ( U.K.shipping) or the Silver Wings web site (seems a little complicated to use) If anyone knows of a hobby store in the U.S. or perhaps wants to sell one of their own any help would be appreciated. Thanks Pappy1
  15. Not really. Allthough not a comon occurance on LSP I have seen the band wagon syndrome several times. .I have built both kits, and I do agree that the Hasagawa kit has a better shape, however the trumpeter kit is hands down better if you want to do a carrier deck style display with folded wings ETC. But again it boils down to what YOU want, and what looks the best to YOU........Pappy1
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