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  1. Does anybody know if HK Models has any plans to make a earlier version of the B-24 with the full clear nose & no front turret this is really my favorite B-24. Thanks for any info. Pappy1
  2. So Sad but a great story of human determination when all hope seems gone. Rest in peace Lady's Men.
  3. Yes . I still have not been able to retrieve my Devastators from the ocean floor near midway and I've given up hope on one from Trump. I would love a B-24 D but I wont hold my breath.
  4. I was thinking the same thing. The plane looks like it has been flying to low over the factory smoke stacks of London, the wash is a little dark. Pappy1
  5. Well like the rest of us I'm, very excited about the upcoming releases. However it appears by the lack of response to the "what about the TBD" question that it is a not to be. I like all aircraft (Military mainly) but especially WW2 U.S. Navy .I'm so happy with the new Helldiver and bird cage corsair. I also have the Dauntless and Wildcat, Hellcat and TBF With my purchase of the King Fisher os2u a TBD would really round things out. I would also like to see some Japanese Navy WW2 dive and torpedo bombers (Kate ,Val ) to go with the beautiful fighter releases the past year. Has anyone heard any tid bits from the hotline.
  6. Now I can put my Vacuform one up And wait for this beauty. My only question now is WHEN WILL I GET MY T.B.D. DEVASTATOR! (and a Japanese Kate or a Val would be very sweet) Pappy1
  8. Hi. I have been trying to find and buy a Silver Wings CR42 from a U.S. based hobby store but so I've only found Hannants ( U.K.shipping) or the Silver Wings web site (seems a little complicated to use) If anyone knows of a hobby store in the U.S. or perhaps wants to sell one of their own any help would be appreciated. Thanks Pappy1
  9. Not really. Allthough not a comon occurance on LSP I have seen the band wagon syndrome several times. .I have built both kits, and I do agree that the Hasagawa kit has a better shape, however the trumpeter kit is hands down better if you want to do a carrier deck style display with folded wings ETC. But again it boils down to what YOU want, and what looks the best to YOU........Pappy1
  10. Beautifull I love it, and yes I also have one in the stash like half of the members here. I also recently bought the Great Wall TBD the detail is supurb, and it assembles allmost exactly like the Monogram issue,except the G.W. TBD has a more up to date interior,body panels canopy, but the one thing that it can never have is nostalga, I still have memories of my step brother and I at 13 dropping black cat fire crackers from TBDs on targets we had made, and of course the occasional explosion in the plane from said fire crackers..Anyhow beautiful build and supurb work on the corrigated wing panels. GREAT JOB. P.S. Has anyone heared anything about the supposed 1/32 scale Devastators from Trumpeter, Sure would like to get one.......Pappy1
  11. Tell it Brother OH! tell it Amen!!!! Praise the lord,and pass the streyne.....pappy1
  12. I tried to view but my laptop says CANT READ ADDRESS.......neal
  13. I will definetly be in the market for this conversion, so please give me a heads up when the time comes......Thanks...Neal
  14. What we really need and somthing that has been lacking in 1/32 especially is a Japanese Kate, or a Val, to go along with the 1/32 Avenger,Dauntless.Swordfish, offerrings , to really round out the naval attack aircraft from WW2 ( and possably a Devastator TBD ) if Trumpeter will ever make it. .......Neal
  15. Amen Jerry Bravo !!! I agree with everything you said .Ex Militairy people do learn to work together for the common good and to get the job done. Excuses dont fly,cut through the bull, and get the job done. I think our Goverment as a whole could use a few more Vets ,if only to balance the lifetime polotitians.and as far as our vets, especialy WW2 and Korea (The forgotten war) time is running out.There are still many interesting stories to be told, and history to be learned. They are truly a dwindling asset........Neal
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