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  1. If i was going to replace my Tamiya/Xtracrylix/Vallejo paints i wouldn't think twice about doing it for MRP. From what i've seen they are a superior finish compared to AK. But as you say money talks and you could get another kit with the change for the AK range.
  2. Being a biker as you guys have already said, imho, does make me a more aware and safer driver. I look at the road conditions, car/bike positioning and other drivers far more than i used to before biking. Wish i never had sold my ZX6R. But my family needed the money so needs must. One day i will get a Ducati 899 though
  3. This thread is a god-send. I am planning to do a Flanker B in Russian Knights colours. Granted it's in 1/48 (HobbyBoss) at the moment but it'll be a learning curve for when i get the Trummpy kit
  4. After seeing DeanKb's new den i am after the ultimate LSP (Large Shed Production) too. I feel quite inadequate with my little old computer desk lol. But in all seriousness i'd love to see a totally new Bf110 G4 kit rather than having to buy an upgrade. Also a nice new Ju88 G1/6/10 to go with it
  5. When i worked on Tornado GR1/4A the measurements, nuts, bolts and tools were metric. The older jets such as JP5, VC10 and Nimrod were imperial.
  6. I think you'll find that us 'silly English' people adopted the metric system way back in 1965. The only standard imperial system we tend to use is for vehicle data such as miles and speed.
  7. That Swordfish would fit the bill nicely Looking good Dean. That is definitely a modelling man cave you can be very proud of.
  8. Quite a few pics of G-1's in 'Nightfighters Over the Reich - Manfred Griehl'
  9. Holy moly Dean. Yes i'm bloomin jealous but i'm also in awe. I'd love to have a room like that. And as for your 11 Ju88's. All i can say is that you an never have enough of them. But there again. I say that about Fw190's too. I'm a wurger man and will continue to buy them as and when i can lol
  10. And a mighty fine build it was too Brain. I have the thread saved in my faves so i can refer back for info/details for when i start my build
  11. I haven't got the 'stones' enough to do that yet Dean lol. Is there a build thread for your 188? I nearly bought the Dragon 1/48 years ago.
  12. Nice buy Dean. I have one to build in the stash but once that is done i plan to get another and do a G6 conversion.
  13. Diamonds are forever!!! Ex-crusaders myself I did all four lines of maintenance. I worked on JP's, VC10 K2/3/C Mk.1K, Tornado GR1/4A and finished on Nimrods. Also did cross servicings for VASS on F-16, Mirage 2000 and some Dutch jet (looks like a Vampire a little) that i can't remember the name of. Never did anything that hovered. Quite glad really as i hate boats and disliked the camping lol.
  14. Ah good old Llantwitt Major. Was posted there en mass with 3 AMS VC10 majors (Abingdon/Brize Norton - Base Hangar) to 1 Sqn VC10 majors. Was only there for 9 months but it left a lasting impression on me. As you say about 'good practices'. I remember having them shouted into us at all times and woe betide anyone who didn't comply. Everything has it's place and it's not on the floor. GSE was always tidied away to it's marked out area and panels were always placed on foam covered wood battons or shelves/racking.
  15. Same here. Loved working on the JP's and Gnats. The hydraulics layout from a Hunter. Airfield training with the instructor on the pushbike lol. Cosford was more up to date when i went there on my fitters course. But i preferred Halton
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