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  1. It would take me about a year of dedicated work probably. That's 40 hours a week, 52 weeks. So compare that against your salary, that would be my best way to estimate how much it'd cost to put it together.
  2. Just a brief update: You might know about this thread where I asked about interest in some aftermarket Merlin engine kits for larger scale models. I wanted to find a way to garner some financial support for the project so I decided on doing those 3D printed kits and got some good feedback. I also started a patreon page where you can actually support the project and get something in return. Right now it's just an engine kit in the scale of your choice once it is complete, it won't be an entire engine bay, though those will come later. You can always wait and use your credits then, too.
  3. I have an old thread in the WIP forum that is the main thread where I have been updating the progress on the engine, I probably won't do to much in the way of patreon only updates so you can either check that thread for new info or follow the link below to see my blog page. Thank you guys for the input and I look forward to seeing you in the other thread. Also thank you to my new patron, you know who you are.
  4. Yeah, that's the general idea. I'd have 1/24th and 1/32nd versions for using in kits, but I also want to do a standalone kit in the larger scale by itself and put it in a stand like maybe the P-51's engine mount.
  5. I have found a few things I need to do better for the next print but I think I'd want to try and model a lot more parts to go with it.
  6. Allright guys, you convinced me, I'm moving forward with the projects. I've started a patreon page here if you are interested. I have included the idea of "store credit" into it. For every dollar you pledge now, you can get a dollar in "store credit" up to a certain amount depending on tier. Now I probably won't enforce that limit because I doubt to many people will support the project. But I am putting the limit in just in case I have so many people support me that I end up going broke once kits are actually released trying to match everyone dollar for dollar. It also gives you the choi
  7. I just noticed that the holes for the lifting shackle just above the center of the upper gear housing casting printed perfectly. So I checked and all the holes for the housing bolts themselves printed clearly, too. Though it's a bit hard to show them all at once. Damn, this could be a badass kit.
  8. Ray, I could have sworn I replied to this but I guess it got lost in the shuffle. I've seen the kit, there are some areas I think that could be improved on. The engine mount leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion. Also, you will notice that the cowl frame covers the last exhaust port of the Merlin. Es no bueno.
  9. Thanks for the input so far, I am taking it all into consideration. I printed the 8th scale crankcase today, it took 4.5 hours and I learned a few lessons from it to change for next time. The first was not to let the raft interfere with the body at the base, it overwrote all the holes in the base and is making the cleanup in that area a pain. I think I'll raise it off the build plate by 4mm next time and just connect to the raft via supports. I'll also move a few supports a tiny bit further away from body so they stick less. Here's a gallery of the larger piece. I
  10. First test shot just came off the printer: Here is a gallery with more images, hopefully the detail level comes across. I'm a little giddy at how well they turned out. Tomorrow I plan to print an 8th scale one just for the halibut. I'll update you then.
  11. I was fooling around on my 3D printer, an Anycubic Photon Mono X, and found I could print up to 10 crankcases at a time. That got me to thinking what the hell I would do with 10 1/24th scale merlin crankcases and the idea of letting anyone who wants one have one was pretty much all I could come up with. I'd love to send one to anyone who asks, but 3D printing resin is expensive and I don't have the money to throw around to do that right now. But I had been kicking around this idea of starting a patreon page for a few months and when I combined it with the 3D printer I thought I might have c
  12. If you look in my signature you can see a a grabcad link. I post all my CAD files to there as I complete them. I've even included STL files in the case of the upper crankcase.
  13. Unfortunately I don't have blueprints for any other engines or the P40 I might consider it.
  14. What is, instead of sanding the edges to incredible thinness, you could just do a cutout and drop the product in, fill any gap be on your way? In other words the insert would already have the thin edges built in and the cutout in the kit part would be to the outside of the insert?
  15. Don't forget that I want to do larger scales as well, like 24th and possibly even 18th for the HpH kit.
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