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  1. I like the general camouflage look of these planes. They're more freehand like Luftwaffe planes and less rigid like Allied schemes. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Maru. The Trumpeter engine truly is stunning. It has the accurate cylinder housing and air intake details which is rare in modelling. Sincerely, Suresh
  3. Hey, all! Just finished this. Hope you like it. I know it's not perfect but I got all the bits in there that I wanted. Comments welcome! https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=3674
  4. Not exactly but using the Trumpeter innards for a Bubbletop superdetail project now.
  5. Just posted this diorama. It shows the flight of the IJN Yamato through the Straits of Taiwan after the Battle of Leyte Gulf. It may have been covered by this Frank on its retreat. It features stressed metal effects. Hope you approve! https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=3654
  6. You said it right. Planes in flight are somehow right coz they're in their element.
  7. Thanks! Love playing with forced perspective. They're about half an inch but modified with epoxy putty from their DAK uniforms.
  8. Yes, it's propblur, Tim. They make generic props which you cut to length. First time using it but it looks the part.
  9. Thanks buddy! I find it easier to post an article on LSP and link the photos here. Used propblur for the "fingers". But yeah, my last few articles have all been experimenting with complex paint schemes, forced perspective and movement.
  10. Thanks! It's from propblur.com. it comes as a generic photoetch fret with 2 blades that you cut to length. A bit fragile at this scale so I used a fine brass rod to reinforce it.
  11. Hi all, this is my latest diorama https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=3634 It shows the IL2 on a strafing run of German mountaineers in 1/144 scale. Merry Christmas!
  12. Hi Dennis, I have many new age kits including Zoukei Mura. The Revell old tools are still my favourite and I try to do one every year. Thanks for looking. Suresh
  13. Thanks! It's an old kit with no interior detail. Still the wooden plane did not have many access panels so it's actually pretty accurate. I love these old kits more than the newer ones anyway so I can't bring myself to pay what these new kits demand.
  14. Good question and I don't know. G-LY was the PR mosquito that famously landed in Switzerland and was repurposed for the Air Service. Not sure if it was a pathfinder.
  15. Thank you Mike. Those are UK issued photoflash bombs. They were definitely used in PRIX's but I assumed they would be in this PRIV.
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