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  1. G' Evening people I have the new Revell 1/48 Tornado GR-1/IDS and is very suprising how it is similarly to the 1/32 new Italeri Tornado. I hope to see in Progress of this Tornado. One strange thing that I noted in the 1/48 Tornado Revell kit is the front fuselage section has something like "diamondish" contour line, but in any Tornado pictures, drawing key, cutaway, three view plans of the early Panavia 200, and then the IDS, GR-1 or GR-4 versions such "diamondish" contour line is observed . Here in this topic photos I was unable to see this contour line and I have the R
  2. Congrats, really really beautiful !!! F16
  3. Hi, There are So many good ideas , tips and tricks on this topic that I would suggest to illustrate them with draws, sketches and pics. Many Years ago (1985) I used the then smallest bulb lamps from a digital Casio watch to illuminate the IP of my ESCI FJ-3, 1/48, all the electric was into the fuselage behind the cockpit with cables + - running from the battery to the rear of a scratch build IP made of transparent VIVAC sheet with Instruments faces glued in proper places, on-off switch, the rear fuselage was opened at the "engine section" to change batteries. Good times ... t
  4. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2019/08/do-you-feel-need-need-for-new-f-14-amk.html Phantastic ? no, just TOMCASTIC !!! Obviously I still do not have it , but absolutely the most outstanding kit in 1/48 in this Planet with new molding technology. "The bulged canopy - said to be the best of its type on a scale model tomcat." Soon we will have aluminium kits instead plastic ones. I hope the way AMK molded the wing gloves finally will not have those unrealistic gaps that prevent so many to photograph F-14s masterpieces from the left or right side..
  5. ho-ho-ho... some kind of people here still need a map to use gps... F16
  6. Hi Just saw it announced at Aviation Megastore news. Hope RVHP produces this Conversion also in 1:48 and 1:32 scales too. F16
  7. Hi Some time ago I saw somewhere in LSP comments topic about the new Roden 1:32 scale kit of the Lynx Rhodesian War Where is it ? Is there someone buiding and correcting this kit ? Thanks F16
  8. Hi I hate to tell about it but I have a very nice Me-262A-2a from Trumpeter, and bought in 2008 the MDC-RB resin set (RB-C32001) for the conversion to the Me-262A-2a/U2. Some time ago I noted the resin parts shrinkage ... sad, it happens, because it was to be a very nice Glass Nose . F16
  9. Wow !!! 2019 ... Someday Revell will learn that FS-595 System does exist !! F16
  10. Hi Searching ARC site, Walkarounds section, I saw this ;all reproduced here under fair use of images for illustration purposes only. -A-4M Ejection seat less chute pack and 'RISK' survival kit. Looking down and to the rear. Black cloth item is the ejection seat face curtain. Oxygen and G-Suit connections are to the viewers rig A-4M The gray cylinder behind the headrest is the "ear burner" rocket actuated man seat separator. The hinged yellow handle is usually called the helmet knocker. Folding it up arms the seat. the dark rectangular device attached
  11. Hi Well, Scale Aircraft Conversions -SAC- has the Lightweigth MLG at https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/SAC32012 Also, try Wheeliant (by Aires) F16
  12. Hi Try here : https://www.hannants.co.uk/search/index.php?keyword_search=MiG-15&setPerPage=25&scale_id=953&search_direction=asc&save_search=1&pageID=2 Good Luck F16
  13. Well I would suggest the AIRES set for F-4E,J,S, F16
  14. Comparing with the pic from the F-A-18 Es on Prime Portal and ARC's sites reproduced here under fair use of images for illustration purposes only, , F16
  15. I have used KASL 1/48 resin sets and I can say they are very well done and very well detailed, they use gray resin, I have bought KASL from HobbyEasy https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/category/AIR12345678/AC48U/maker/KASL.html , this page for example where You can see yourself the level of details in the sets 1/48 , perhaps in 1/32 will shown more. F16 I
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