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  1. Hi guys A long time ago... I got this far with the Revell 109 I have a buld photo log some where over the rainbow Cheers
  2. Hi Geoff Thanks for your reply, I might as well go for the yellow add a bit o colour. Cheers Denie
  3. Hi all What was the back cushsion made of,colour of, any pics of and any markings specific to the D model? Many thanks Denie
  4. Nice job dude, I "must pony" up and get one of those .. The A model has always looked rather neat. Cheers Denie
  5. Hi Ralph Here is a pic that shows the Spitfire spinner. Denie
  6. Nice paint job. Love the P 40's Cheers
  7. What a shock to read that Russ has passed into the next world. Gone way too early. What I liked the most about his craftsmanship was the ME 110 mods that he did. RIP Russ Denie
  8. "Into the breech dear friends, into the breech" I have been amazed that Airfix/Horby have introduced a product that was part of the "70's dash for fame" with the 1/24th range. However it was not to be and I have never had a good reason why it was never put into production. From what I have understood was that, the molds had been made, tweeks done but not put into production untill... NOW...WOW... Will I get one? Probable outcome, yes, with the sale of one of my beloved children. LOL Denie
  9. Very nice paint job Allan. What paint colours did you use? Cheers Denie
  10. Well hello Derek The ID Westland Whirlwind I have been involved with has been preety well spot on in regards to Westlands drawings so I am sure that Doug used those. P 61, usure in regards to accuracy. Stiil looking for "That other Westland a/c stuff" for you. Gotta be some where in amongst the rubble. Cheers Denie
  11. Hi Les From what I understand combat have geared up a bit and have some nice subjects, vacs have a few different ways to make but a kit is a kit is a kit when complete. I think that if you like aircraft and you like makeing models it really boils down to is, do you want a particular model that main stream makers have not made and if you want to do a little more or less than a main stream kit. Some like wood kits,like paper some like vac some like building from plans some likeTamiya Revell Hasegawa etc. Plentyof help here in vacing, ask around. The only question you will never get an answer to is the one you never ask. Denie
  12. Hi Stephen The Russian's also added another seat and canopy to the Mk5 and Mk9 that is the same as the Grase TR9 Spitfire coded OUV NZ 486 sqd. Got pics some where of the mod on the Russian Spitfire and it looks like that is where Nick Grace got the idea to do the same to OUV. I'll have a look and post pics. Denie
  13. Hi Den Nice job on your model. I too have a soft spot forthis aircraft and one day I might get one. Cheers Denie
  14. Hi Keith Nice job on the Buffalo. Those cheap airbrush kits are great got mine awhile back for NZ$25.00 from super cheep auto's and are a copy of the Badger 150 and the badger parts are interchageable as well. Blackbetty, I'm sure you can get one in Austria at a local art shop maybe or a auto detail shop? Denie
  15. Excelent work on this model. Look forward to more pics. "Make me one will you" Denie
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