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  1. I cant quite put my finger on it but something just dose not look right in the nose area. To my eye the nose windows look too small , the bomb aimers nose blister looks too pointed. The canopy too flat and the spinners are the wrong shape.
  2. Right my lad , first up not a bad looking Spitfire , the paint and finish look spot on But :- ok .the crow bar is Red but that's your choice. Now then , pay attention , When Spitfire flaps are in the down position the small covers on top of the wing should be open also the aftermarket parts look much better but why oh why didn't you replace the wheels ? these are the biggest howler of all with this kit . .
  3. Wow Tom thats a beauty , Well i am old enough to remember the Lightning at Coltishall , i live in Norwich which is 7 miles from Coltishall. My farther would allways take me to the airshows during the mid to late 60s , i remember very well the Lightning displays the noise was awsome and used to make your stomach vibrate they were so loud. I would allways come away with an Airfix kit and be happy for weeks after. Later when i was a little bit older i would cycle with my mates to Coltishall and climb a tree at the runway approch and wave at the pilots as they came into land , they allways wav
  4. Good work so far Hakan , nice choice of subject too. Not sure if your botherd too much but the tail on the Revell Stuka is too small and the height needs building up .
  5. Yes have to agree with everyone else , lovely neat build. If i was to be picky the prop blades are too wide and the roundels on the upper wings are in the wrong position Great build none the less , mine just went to the top of the stash.
  6. Jason Errrrr Oh yes they do , Revell have announced a new tool 32nd Spitfire MK1
  7. Yea Yea i know , Im gonna stand in the corner and keep quiet .
  8. Are the letters Black ? If so you could use normal Black letters then paint the gaps on with Silver
  9. Cowslip control , I Cant see em. But it must be there? Well come up and have a look for your self then , NOTHING i repeat NOTHING.
  10. Why the Red crow bars ? Only restored Spits have Red crow bars ?????
  11. I stand corrected ,just goes to show how important refrence pictures are. Untill those pics i had never seen a Spitfire with the mirror inside the cockpit or code letters that small.
  12. Its nice but it has a couple of faults. The rear view mirror is in the wrong position , it should be on top of the wind screen not inside the cockpit Code letters seem a little undersized No gun patches on the wings.
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