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  1. Sorry no WIP. The only picture in progress.
  2. Hello, Second kit of the year after the HPH Helldiver, once more a resin kit. Lot of sanding but that's modelling. Hope you like it.
  3. Coldwarstudio has front and rear turrets in resin.
  4. Here is my last built, long and not easy. It took me many years to complete it with long no works periods. Only changed the kit main landing gear legs with G-Factor ones. Main markings are painted with home made masks.
  5. Hello, You have good pictures of this assembly ship on this website. http://www.vintagewings.ca/VintageNews/Stories/tabid/116/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/477/Polka-Dot-Warriors.aspx Philippe
  6. Pre-order mine at Lucky model for 458€. 15% off and surface shipping. Never been hit by the taxman with Lucky Models using the "declare a lower value " button. Keep my finger crossed as this box will be huge.
  7. Turrets are back for preorders.
  8. Hello, Received mine friday and began to play with it. A few parts were detached from the sprues and one wing tip is broken. Nothing that I can’t deal with. My main concern will be the hours that I will spend to sand mostly all the parts to get rid of the 3D printing layers. It will be difficult on some parts like the rear end part.
  9. Mine is 10555 and took his way to my home today.
  10. Hello, First one of the year at last. Hope you like it.
  11. Don't forget that the Harvard has a longer rear canopy section. I don't think that it is included in the KH kit. Alleycat produced a clear rear part for the Harvard. Philippe
  12. Hello, I never said that your star was not OK. I just want to point out the way the intercooler doors are painted. I added arrows on the pictures below to show that it misses a little white and blue of the insignia bar on the intercooler door. Hope it'll help. Philippe
  13. Absolutly stunning, You should correct the star and bar on the side doors. The doors slide forward in the fuselage when they open, so in the door position you choose, the vertical front blue bar is hidden in the fuselage and the white and blue cover all the top of the door. A picture of one of my P-47 may help you to understand my bad explanations.
  14. Hello, You can go to the MAAM P-61 restoration website where you'll find a lot of pictures of their P-61B. http://www.maam.org/p61/p61_rest.htm It seems to me that cockpit color is more Bronze green than Standard zinc chromate green.
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