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  1. Plm

    Mirage IIIC

    Hello, Here is my last finished kit. It's the Italeri Mrage IIIC. I added the following items: -Musthave ejection seat. -Eduard wheels. -Eduard PE for interior and exterior. -Master Pitot. -Mix of Bernal decals and Italeri decals. NMF is Vallejo metal color. Philippe.
  2. Received mine yesterday, just one word "Superbe"
  3. Plm

    Revell 1/32 Duo Discus

    The tape on the second picture is not clear tape but it's thin enough so you can see through it. It's just electrical insulation tape. You have to consider that the tape is approximately 20mm wide and the thickness less than 0.5mm It gives for 1/32 scale 0.625mm wide and 0.015mm thick. A very thin stripe of decal should be OK to represent it.
  4. Plm

    Revell 1/32 Duo Discus

  5. Plm

    HPH helldiver, folded wing options ?

    Flaps are not a problem as they are separate parts for inner and outer wing sections. So you can do all the scratch building, you will just need strong link between the two wing sections as the outer part will still be heavy.
  6. Plm

    Revell 1/32 Duo Discus

    Here are two pictures of our DG-400 glider, showing the wing/fuselage joint tape and the wingtip part joint tape. On this glider, the wingtips are separate parts as the wingspan can be change from 15m to 17m, using different wingtips. When peaople ask us what is the use of the tape, the joke is to say that it's use to hold the parts together...
  7. Plm

    Revell 1/32 Duo Discus

    Wing parts are not puttied as it can be dismounted for transport if you land in a field. We use adhesive tape on the joint between two wing parts or where the wings joint the fuselage. Maybe the best way to represent it is to putty the joint and use a thin band of decal as a tape.
  8. Plm

    P-47N-2-RE "I've had it" 1/32 Trumpeter

    Nearly finished? It's a beauty.
  9. Plm

    Helldiver ... in the work

    Don't you paint the inside of the flaps before assembly?
  10. Plm

    P-47N-2-RE "I've had it" 1/32 Trumpeter

    Hello , It' up to you not to change it, and you P-47 is gorgeous. Here is from P-47 In Detail and Scale Vol54 the way the intercooler doors work Hope it will help you to understand what I mean in my first post. Note that your and my star and Bar Insigna are painted a little lower on the fuselage than the one on the picture but nearly in the same way horizontaly.
  11. Plm

    P-47N-2-RE "I've had it" 1/32 Trumpeter

    Well, I really like it but I'm gonna play the bad guy. The way you put the national insigna bar on the intercooler doors on the fuselage sides in not correct. When the door is closed, you can see all the white bar, the lower blue line and the vertical blue end line. But the doors open by sliding forward inside the fuselage, and only near the end they open outward from the fuselage. So in an open position the vertical blue line is hidden into the fuselage.
  12. Plm

    P-47N-2-RE "I've had it" 1/32 Trumpeter

    Nice progress. Love the NMF. Just note that Trumpeter propeller can't be used for a P-47N. If you look at picture of the real P-47N "I've had it", you will notice that the propeller cuffs are trapezoidal. Here is a picture of the one I modified for my P-47N. Left Trumpeter propeller and right the modified one.
  13. What I mean is that the wall should not be near the fuselage but at the vertical of the inner door. The wheel well has the same size on P-47N as on P-47D. It should not be deeper as the wing extension is for a tank. Below a picture of my Trumpeter P-47N, I used the Eduard undercarriage set where you can find the new wall.
  14. Nice built. Don't forget that Trumpeter has not represent the new wheel well wall on the fuselage side, due to the extension of the wing span by adding a part at the wing root.
  15. Plm

    1-32 Italeri CF-104

    It's Vallejo metal color.