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  1. I agree with Brian, from what I read most assembly ships were "War Weary" and stripped of weapons.
  2. great effect, unique approach
  3. well done I think mike is dead on with the throttle friction adjuster being in there, I found a pic of a 109 throttle that showed the same thing with the adjuster
  4. I found a pic of an early 110 that clearly shows a hole, its not hosted though. PM me if you want me to send it to ya The Monogram Close Up BF-110G cockpit diagram shows it as a hole as well! Guess I will be drilling a hole and detailing mine down the road as well.
  5. this is a "G", Pic from SDASM. Hard to tell if its a hole or a depression
  6. thats a very unique photo, notice the floor board is missing, early style rudder pedals and the yoke boot is also missing. I will try to find a pic for you if you'd like, the above clearly shows a hole so either way could be right! Yet another '110 mystery
  7. wow the markings really make your paint job pop!
  8. the hole in your throttle quadrant is actually a stamped depression or maybe a cover. That said, nice work in there!
  9. Hey guys, Im gonna drop out for awhile. Going through a divorce at the moment, not really feeling the modelling ju ju. I should pick this back up once all the drama, moves, etc are done. I wi;; be stopping by and checking in, but this build is boxed up for the foreseeable future.
  10. some neat details in that shot -corrosion control (primer?) on the aft section -cooling doors open above the jet pipe - some grimy weathering too
  11. excellent! Can wait to see you work your magic on this build.
  12. It was field applied with anything from an air sprayer to a broom/mop!
  13. started working on and off on the Schrage assembly yesterday. Added the shell casing bags to the breeches and am slooooooowly building up the rear bulkhead
  14. I would think due to the number of sorties flown during the BOB yes, however I would think it would be more on the brown/tan side as the fuel quality was better at that point. W/O any color pics I'm not 100% sure, may x-ref against BOB '109s?
  15. LOL Im hoping that the brake lines are the only visible issue by the time Im done. Im trying to layout the MG81Z work and damn.....these are tiny parts
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