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  1. flux capacitor or the canouter valve, might be the thingamajig
  2. very nice work Richard is all the etc Eduard?
  3. bummer about the canopies, at least you have more on the way.
  4. nice work! I have this kit in the stash as well, after doing a crazy build on the Bandai 1/24 one I kinda got the bug for this airframe.
  5. outstanding battle damage replication, this is wonderful
  6. im using the vallejo rattle cans right now, smooth and damn near foolproof.
  7. hence why I have the P-51 one book lol
  8. i have the P-51 version of that book, its ok to be honest...nothing outstanding but decent
  9. man, I almost bought the kit yesterday this conversion is a great option to make it more unique
  10. i like where this is going
  11. I have the ROJ Tony in my stash as well, its next level for old school revell. Love the print in the box too!
  12. outstanding Max, love it and the vignette just makes it even better!
  13. that riveting adds a LOT of life to the airframe
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