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  1. Shawn M

    Hawk T1

    nice and colorful!
  2. Very nice for your first go! Do you have any more pics? I did notice the MLG doors are on the wrong sides, other then that its very sharp looking!
  3. love it, such a great build and colorful marking to boot!
  4. sharp and well executed work, well done cant wait to see what you do next
  5. somewhere along the line, someone won my McD sales brochure on the Harrier, it had some great pics
  6. flux capacitor or the canouter valve, might be the thingamajig
  7. very nice work Richard is all the etc Eduard?
  8. bummer about the canopies, at least you have more on the way.
  9. nice work! I have this kit in the stash as well, after doing a crazy build on the Bandai 1/24 one I kinda got the bug for this airframe.
  10. outstanding battle damage replication, this is wonderful
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