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  1. Thanks gang, I found what I can online including schematics of the control system. I was inspired by the Aviation Classics issue on the subject which was chock full of good info. The cockpits were left intact as the drones we're still piloted from time to time depending on the need, or so the resources say and some pics confirm. Kaeone57 you're not far off brother lol.
  2. Hello gang, After snagging Airfix's 1/24 Hellcat for 25% off, I decided to do it as a target drone. From what I've found all the radio control gear/actuators,etc was inside the fuse, not the cockpit. That said some had video cameras in the cockpit and so on. I was wondering if there are any good books or sites out there you could recommend on the subject to fine tune the details, this scale is perfect to show them off. Thanks! Shawn
  3. holy ^$*@ that engine bay is amazing not to mention the cockpit work wow
  4. Greg we're all our worst critics as we are inevitably to close to the subject to be subjective. This forum has been a god send of support and encouragement. I love this "fun" builds, they're good stress breakers and in my case the only thing I can build atm. Cant wait to see this finished up, gonna be a real stunner!
  5. cant wait to watch this unfold, your builds are always so amazing
  6. that looks awesome, that pilot and seat are real jewels
  7. Shawn M

    Hawk T1

    nice and colorful!
  8. Very nice for your first go! Do you have any more pics? I did notice the MLG doors are on the wrong sides, other then that its very sharp looking!
  9. love it, such a great build and colorful marking to boot!
  10. sharp and well executed work, well done cant wait to see what you do next
  11. your battle damage and crew work is superb
  12. somewhere along the line, someone won my McD sales brochure on the Harrier, it had some great pics
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