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  1. Love it! Awesome that the first photo in the thread has a pilot in farmer's overalls! Just like jumping on a tractor!
  2. Well, I found the reference. It was Osprey's Mustang Aces of the Ninth & Fifteenth Air Forces & the RAF. But, I could not find any photographic evidence of a different bird. It was certainly easy to find photos of 36315 with both original and Malcolm canopies. Kind of makes me question the claim of two Ding Hao's.... Anyway, hope Dave's work pushes a new tool P-51B-C forward faster! Thanks for sharing your efforts with us! Pete
  3. Dave, Fantastic work! Chris, thanks for the info regarding the decals. Not sure I could have noticed the national insignia changes had you not pointed them out. Now they look obvious. I need to check my sources, but for general knowledge, thought there were two Ding Hao’s? I think the Malcolm hood bird is a different Mustang? I’ll dig around and try to confirm. Pete
  4. Others may disagree, but that looks pretty spot on to me in spite of being 1/35.
  5. I would say no, unless you had an AH-1F conversion set from Werner’s Wings. The conversion set is for the Revell kit but, but at a perfunctory glance comparing the Revell and ICM kits, it looks usable with the ICM kit. The only part of the kit used in the conversion is part of the airframe. Canopy, cockpit, weapon stations, doghouse, engine, rotor assembly, tail rotor assembly and gearbox are all different. So pretty much everything else is different unfortunately…
  6. A decent Huey and Loach to round out the Vietnam collection is second on my wish list to a good P-51B. Bring them on!
  7. Ordered two of them to try on my Hobbycraft/Revell hash ups.
  8. Ah yes, Pinion Canyon. Spent many a time there! Looks like an S model? My favorite Cobra!
  9. Thanks Dennis, Reached out through that forum as well. Regards, Pete
  10. I have a 56th book with this photo. I recall, as mentioned, that it is a P-47M and that the color was a dark blue, almost black, remaining natural metal underneath. I'll have to see if I can dig up the reference.
  11. Yep. Tried. Doesn't look like he has been on in awhile. E-mailed as well. Thought I would ask the general forum in case someone knows. Thanks
  12. Does anyone know if Kevin is still producing this set?
  13. Dana, Thanks for the comments. I've had something of a fascination the last few months with Kepford's Corsair. I've never been able to track down any info on the serial# of his last #29. Lee Cook's second book about VF-17 had a very interesting photo in it that was apparently taken as he was departing (late) on the mission he was credited for destroying his last three Zeroes. It's interesting because it looks like the aircraft was only recently received by the squadron. It has the # 29 on the gear legs and fuselage, but no kill markings, no white tape/paint on the fuel cell seams and no skull and crossbones emblem. I am assuming all of these items we're added after Feb 19th and the end of the squadron's second tour in March. The photo I am talking about confirms what you are saying about the sea blue. It seems there was little, if any intermediate blue on the cowl. Perhaps a thin strip between the sea blue and the white. The intermediate blue seems to start in the "normal' spot right at the rear of the wing root, but definitely seems to be covered with more sea blue along the top edge. Maybe the sea blue extend's 6 to 8 inches further down from the top of the fuse than typically seen? Don't know why I'm so interested in this scheme. I don't have plans to model it, but it seems quite different in delineation than typical three-tone schemes on other -1A's. In all the year's I've seen photos of this airplane, I never recognized the differences until just recently.
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