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  1. Yes, top and bottom views are included.
  2. Now shipping! Exciting new sheet of P-38 Lightnings in Europe featuring Lt. Robin Olds' "Scat II" and three others. Markings and reference for Old's P-38J-15-LO were supplied by Group Captain Daivd Turner, Acting director of History and Heritage Service, History and Heritage Branch, Air Force in Portsmith Australia. Three others researched by Mark Proulx. Visit our website for more information here EC#188.
  3. We are excited to announce the latest in our continuing series Wings of the Black Cross. Number 14 has landed from the printer and like the others, features unpublished Luftwaffe aircraft photos with descriptive captions plus color profiles of select images. Beautifully researched and written by Mark Proulx, with profiles by James Bentley, be sure to add this title to your collection. Visit our website for more information www.eagle-editions.com and click on Library of Eagles. Or, click on the cover below for direct access.
  4. Now available, new EagleCals EC#186 in 32nd scale for the Mosquito FB Mk VI! Here is the link to our webpage: https://www.eagle-editions.com/product/eaglecals-186-32-mosquito-fb-mk-vi/ Also, by popular demand we have reprinted EC#167 in 32nd scale for the Mosquito B.MK. IV/PR MK IV. Here is that link: https://www.eagle-editions.com/product/eaglecals-167-48-mosquito-mk-iv-2/ Thanks for looking! Judy Crandall Eagle Editions Ltd.
  5. Hi all; Finally got the courage to enter the studio a few months ago to organize Jerry's kit stash. I am in the process of posting some kits for sale on our website here: https://www.eagle-editions.com/product-category/collectibles/from-jerrys-stash/ I have about 75 plus kits to post. Boxes show storage hanger rash, but no biggie. If anything is missing, It will be mentioned. Some bags Jerry opened but all of the kit is there. I have listed prices based on ebay and other sales, but all offers will be considered. If, for some reason, you are overcharged for shipping, I'll refund the difference. Shipping is really hit and miss these days. Thanks for looking, Judy Crandall
  6. Don't forget about the EagleCals for the Fw 190 A-4/5s, EagleCals #179 are also extensively detailed in Fighters of the Iron Cross by Jerry Crandall. Would make a nice addition to your model, very colorful decals. https://www.eagle-editions.com/product/eaglecals-179-fw-190-a-4-5s-in-32nd-scale/ Cheers, Judy
  7. I'll look into the settings on the website tomorrow, but in the meantime, Priority mail for 'Fighters' would be 20.00. You can send a PayPal payment for $105, be sure to include your address and we will take care of your order. I am sorry about the mix-up, I'll sort it out, Judy Eagle Editions
  8. Hello all; As many of you know, my beloved husband and life's partner Jerry Crandall passed away due to Covid-19 on 12 June 2022, only 4 days after diagnosis. He begged to come home and not die in the hospital so I worked with Hospice to bring him home on Saturday. He was so happy to be home. The Hospice RN gave us pain management and oxygen. He was home at 4:30 Saturday afternoon and passed at 2:50 on Sunday a.m. He is now with the Lord. I will continue Eagle Editions, we have several project in the pipeline. We have EagleCals and Wings of the Black Cross projects lined up. Thinking about phasing out some of our resins as they are becoming too expensive to cast. We started our business in 1974 with western art and prints, expanded into books and hobby decals/resins in 1997 and plan to continue forward. Thanks for your support in the past and we look forward to working with you in the future. We have a selection of Bf 109 G-14 and G-6 decals available for the new ZM kit. I'll be sending out a mailer this week. And don't forget our 1:24 Spitfire EagleCals that are just around the corner!!!! Happy modelling, Judy
  9. Hi Pete; We don't have a black outline on the decals themselves. I believe we did have the black outline on the smaller scales, but in this larger scale it will be up to the modeler to paint the invasion stripes up to the codes. Here is a close-up of the codes on the Spit and a cropped image of the decals. Disregard the red, that is for Cartograf to place the carrier film. Hope this helps you, Judy ~ Eagle Editions
  10. Here are the P-40s we released: https://www.eagle-editions.com/product-category/aircraft-decals-for-the-modeler/32/p-40s-2/ Click on the link for the newest ones.
  11. Did you run the gun cowling under hot wateer? Often this will correct a slight warp. On the other hand, I see you have 'fixed' the Hasegawa part. Judy Eagle Editions
  12. Second Bf 109 G-2 and G-4 sheet, EagleCals #184
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